Winter Wine to Warm Me Up

Winter Wine to Warm Me Up

Winter is lovely, but it can be tough as well. Staying warm and cozy becomes our number-one priority, and hearty food, wine and good company can help. It’s easy to find summer wine, those bottles that keep us fresh and … Read More

Wine Choices for Your Valentine

Wine Choices for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time to show that special someone we care about them. Sure, Valentine’s has become a commercial holiday where the restaurants are crowded, and everything is overpriced, but the holiday’s essence is … Read More

Novak Djokovic’s Wine, All You Need to Know

Novak Djokovic is one of the most successful tennis players globally, and like most prosperous people, he has found his way to the world of wine. And just like Federer before him, who formed a bond with the Prestigious Moët … Read More

Seven Practical Fun Tips to Grow Your Wine Palate

Seven Practical Fun Tips to Grow Your Wine Palate

Remember fun is the name of the game when training your wine palate, it’s the easiest and most enjoyable way to savor wine.  Wine is more than a beverage; it’s a window into the history of the region, learning about … Read More

Wine with Breakfast, Can It Be Done

Wine with Breakfast, Can It Be Done?

Call it breakfast, call it brunch, everyone loves the relaxing experience of overlooking the vines and tasting a gorgeous sparkling or pinot noir while enjoying a beautiful gourmet breakfast of local Yarra Valley produce while gazing out over the vineyard … Read More

Decent Wine

When to Decant Wine?

You’ve seen them around, those lovely crystal vessels designed exclusively to make fine wine show its best. That’s what decanters too, and they’re the real deal. The question is, when should you decant wine? Well, the answer is more interesting … Read More

Pairing Wine with Spicy Foods

Pairing Wine with Spicy Foods

Spicy food is not for everyone, but with a little experience and an open mind you can really find the perfect Yarra Valley wine to love and enjoy with spicy foods and of course there a tons of health benefits … Read More

How to Pair Aussie Lobster with Wine?

Seafood is incredible in Australia. Salmon, trout and prawns it’s all delicious and always fresh. Rock lobster, though, that’s a thing of beauty. Sourced from the country’s west coast, the spiny lobster makes up to 20% of Australia’s seafood market, … Read More

Why Is Blind Wine Tasting A Thing?

We’ve all seen wine connoisseurs and wine drinkers sticking their noses into their wine glasses for hours, as we wonder, does the intensity of the bouquet add to the entire experience of drinking it, let’s find out. The truth is, … Read More

What Type of Glass Goes with Each Wine Style?

There are an infinite number of wine styles, white or red, light-footed or bold, acidic and refreshing or decadently sweet. It comes as no surprise that there are wine glasses for each style. After all, you wouldn’t eat steak with … Read More