Novak Djokovic’s Wine, All You Need to Know

Novak Djokovic is one of the most successful tennis players globally, and like most prosperous people, he has found his way to the world of wine. And just like Federer before him, who formed a bond with the Prestigious Moët brand, Djokovic has found in wine a way to step out of the court for a while and undertake a new challenge — winemaking.

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Novak and Wine

If winning 18 tournaments weren’t enough, Mr Djokovic’s first approach to wine was teaming up with Jacob’s Creek, one of the most outstanding Australian wineries and the official wine in the US Open. This was the beginning of a long partnership that really sparked the athlete’s interest in wine.

In 2016, Djokovic purchased land in Serbia to start a vineyard — five hectares of prime land in the Sumadija region, where the rare red wine grape Prokupac is the star, along with international varieties, from Chardonnay to Cabernet.

Djokovic is no stranger to wine. After all, his family has been involved in the restaurant business for decades. And although getting started in the wine business is expensive, Mr Djokovic can handle it — he’s one of the best tennis players in history!

Novak Djokovic’s Restaurant

The successful Serbian tennis player has a thing for wine, but also food. Currently, Djokovic lives with his family in Montecarlo, and it’s right here where he opened his restaurant, Eqvita, to showcase an extraordinary vegan and organic menu and a wine list focused on organic wine.

Djokovic is not only one of the most successful athletes in the world, but he’s also an advocate for plant-based diets and organic produce.

And Eqvita is not the only undertaking for Novak; the tennis player’s family runs several other restaurants around Europe, all under the umbrella name of Novak Café.

From the Court to the Big Screen

Perhaps the most interesting wine-related story with Djokovic is the documentary series ‘Made By’, introduced years ago by the Australian winery Jacob’s Creek to tell the story of the famed Andre Agassi. Now it’s time for Djokovic to tell his story, from his childhood in Yugoslavia to his most exciting Grand Slam wins.

Enjoy Wine, Just Like the Pros

There’s nothing like following your own path to wine enjoyment, and it all starts in the vineyards. If you want to learn more about wine, take a private wine tour to Yarra Valley, or let us select for you the most romantic accommodation in Yarra Valley for an overnight retreat! If you’re a Djokovic fan, share with him his passion for wine!

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