Wine Choices for Your Valentine

Wine Choices for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time to show that special someone we care about them. Sure, Valentine’s has become a commercial holiday where the restaurants are crowded, and everything is overpriced, but the holiday’s essence is still intact; this is a day to commemorate love and friendship.

The best way to spend Valentine’s Day? With a glass of wine in hand. What’s the best wine for Valentine’s? Let us tell you all about it. Before that, allow us to invite you to a romantic Private Yarra Valley with Lunch or a Private Yarra Valley Cheese and Wine Pairing Experience. If you’re into cocktails, then a premium wine and gin tasting tour Yarra Valley is for you, and for that special person in your life, we have our Private Tour Gift Card Yarra Valley.

The Best Wine for Valentine’s Day

There’s no such thing as a bad wine for Valentine’s Day. What matters most is who you share it with. Having said that, some wines are more romantic than others, so here’s our selection for such a special date.

The Best Red Wine for Valentine’s Day. Red wine is perfect for Valentine dates and intimate dinners with someone special, and although the food and wine pairing rules still apply, you can forget about them for a second. What you want to drink this Valentine’s Day is Pinot Noir. Why? Because the wine’s palate is soothing and silky — it’s just inviting! Besides, everyone loves Pinot, even people that are not all that into wine!

The Best White Wine for Valentine’s Day. Just like Pinot Noir is the perfect red for Valentine’s, there’s a type of white wine that just makes us feel warm inside, and that’s Oak-aged Chardonnay. Think of scents reminiscent of baked apples, cinnamon and brioche, a creamy palate with hints of creme fraiche, and the boldest aftertaste! That’s love at first sip.

Let’s not forget about sparkling wine. Bubbles are festive, and they deserve a spot in especially Valentine’s Day! Pop open a bottle of fizz and toast with your significant other for more times like these. And you don’t even have to splurge; there are many affordable bottles of sparkling wine out there. In fact, you’ll discover quite a few during our Premium wine and gin tasting tour Yarra Valley.

How About A Day Tour for Valentine’s?

If you don’t feel like cooking or going out for dinner, why not do something special on Valentine’s Day? A Private Yarra Valley with Lunch is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the countryside, a Private Yarra Valley Cheese and Wine Pairing is as good as it sounds, and a Premium wine and gin tasting tour Yarra Valley is all about good drinks in good company.

If you’re unsure what experience is for you, get a Private Tour Gift Card Yarra Valley; that way, you can let your partner choose!

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