How to Pair Aussie Lobster with Wine?

Seafood is incredible in Australia. Salmon, trout and prawns it’s all delicious and always fresh.

Rock lobster, though, that’s a thing of beauty. Sourced from the country’s west coast, the spiny lobster makes up to 20% of Australia’s seafood market, and it’s almost always very well priced.

The question is, once you get your hands on a few lobsters, how to cook them? And most importantly, how to pair them with wine?

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Lobster’s Taste Matters

Lobster meat is incredibly versatile; you can use it to top a fresh salad or toss it with mayo to fill a few hoagie buns for a mean lobster roll. Lobster, though, is gorgeous on its own, too, especially when grilled with a little butter.

The meaty shellfish is always soft and buttery; the tender flesh has a rich, sea-scented sweetness that makes you roll your eyes in pleasure.

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How to Pair Fresh Lobster Dishes with Wine

When poached, lobster shows its leaner side. Clean seafood flavours with a distinctive, pure flavour profile. When we pair lobster like this, we want to enhance it with a clean-cut type of wine that’s all about purity, and that’s sparkling wine.

You might not know this, but the Yarra Valley has extraordinary sparkling wine producers, including the acclaimed Domaine Chandon winery.

Sparkling wine will clean your palate after every lobster bite, and the fizzy wine’s tight acidity will contrast the unctuous meat nicely. For cold lobster appetizers and salads, pour some bubbles.

How to Pair Hearty and Buttery Lobster with Wine

Whether you’re char-grilling your lobster or cooking in a thick-bottomed skillet with butter, Chardonnay is your best friend.

Now, not all Chardonnay is created equal; some are lean and fruity, they’re fermented in stainless steel tanks and unoaked. Others are creamy and rich, those that are transformed by malolactic fermentation and aged in oak barrels — these are the ones you want.

Creamy and buttery chardonnay pairs with creamy and buttery lobster; it’s that easy. What might not be that obvious is that the food and wine push each other to new pleasurable heights!

Lobster and Wine, A Match Made in Heaven

To learn how to pair lobster and wine like a pro, take a Luxury Yarra Valley Winery Tour, with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley. See how the talented winemakers pair their food with the region’s fantastic wine.

Remember that food and wine pairing is not hard science; there’s room for creativity here, so pair your favourite wines with lobster and see how that works. If you like the wine, chances are you’ll find the pairing deeply enjoyable.

Once you have your food and wine combinations, call some friends over and see what they think; perhaps you’ve just come up with a new classic food and wine pairing! Wouldn’t that be something?

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