Wine with Breakfast, Can It Be Done?

Wine with Breakfast, Can It Be Done

Call it breakfast, call it brunch, everyone loves the relaxing experience of overlooking the vines and tasting a gorgeous sparkling or pinot noir while enjoying a beautiful gourmet breakfast of local Yarra Valley produce while gazing out over the vineyard views.  Learn more about Yarra Valley wines, perfect for couples, friends and family celebrations, relax everything is taken care of for you.

With years of experience taking wine enthusiasts on private Yarra Valley winery tours and Yarra Valley overnight getaways with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley by 10.30am your first wine will be served.

One of the most interesting questions posed to us by a couple recently who enjoyed a night in a romantic accommodation in the Yarra Valley they asked ‘Can we have wine with breakfast’?  keep reading to learn more.

What’s for Breakfast?

You’ll surely agree not all breakfasts are wine-worthy. If you’re just having a bowl of cereal or some Greek yoghurt with granola, chances are you’re better off with a cup of coffee, but if your getting ready to enjoy a gorgeous Yarra Valley breakfast of local foods prepared by your restaurant Chef in the Yarra Valley, well that’s a different story.

Before talking about wine pairings, make sure your breakfast or brunch is a feast worthy enough to tackle Yarra Valley wine.

The Most Well-Rounded Wine Pairing for Breakfast

A simple but effective breakfast, brunch wine pairing strategy is pouring some bubbles. Sparkling wine is light and fizzy, and it’s rarely overly alcoholic.

Sparkling wine is also easy to pair with a wide variety of breakfast, brunch foods, with its elevated acidity and sparkling bubbles, a perfect choice to lift your gourmet breakfast to a celebrity level, not to mention totally delicious.  Of course, we can’t say no to a glass of real French fizz!

The Best Wine Pairing with Eggs

Yes, choosing the right wine with eggs can be done.  Eggs as we know are one of the most popular breakfast items on earth. So, if you’re having quiche, a few sunny-side-ups or an omelet, you’ll need the right wine, right.

The best wine to pair with eggs is any medium-bodied white wine, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and even a dry Riesling will pair beautifully with anything eggy.

Now, for heartier egg dishes like Shakshuka and other saucy specialties, go for a light-bodied red wine like a Pinot Noir and enjoy it slightly chilled. That’s starting the day on the right foot!

Breakfast and Wine. Why Not?

The nicest thing about wine and wine cocktails for late breakfasts, brunch and lunch is that they set the mood for the entire day.

A glass of wine or two is enough to create a memorable meal! And you know what else? Enjoying wine at breakfast, brunch or lunch in the Yarra Valley wine country is fantastic!

Ask for our romantic accommodation in Yarra Valley and take a Yarra Valley romantic getaway. Enjoy your favorite wine and meet the winemakers behind it. How’s that for an exciting weekend?

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