Pairing Wine with Spicy Foods

Pairing Wine with Spicy Foods

Spicy food is not for everyone, but with a little experience and an open mind you can really find the perfect Yarra Valley wine to love and enjoy with spicy foods and of course there a tons of health benefits associated with spicy food!

Spices and hot peppers not only make your meals more exciting they will elevate your taste buds to another level, another great opportunity to train your taste buds as you do regularly when your tasting fine wines.

Spicy food is trending right now as well, and it’s more sophisticated than ever! From Mexican-inspired salsas to Thai curries, there’s a wide range of thrilling dishes waiting for you to enjoy with your next Yarra Valley wine of choice.

Wine may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a spicy meal, but it can just be what you were looking for. Here’s how to pair wine with spicy food.

Spicy Food is a Real Treat

Let’s start by saying spicy food is incredibly sophisticated. Spices and hot peppers are authentic luxury foods that give you pleasure on many levels.

Now, what’s the difference between spicy and hot food?

Not all spicy food makes you sweat. There are tons of spices that are not hot at all, including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Actually, only a few spices cause a burning sensation in your mouth, including black pepper.

On the other hand, hot chili peppers are spicy too, and these are really hot. Some hot peppers are more pungent than others, from mild jalapeño to fiery habanero, being aware of the pepper and asking before you try them is the safest way to go.

The Right Type of Wine Can Tame the Food’s Heat

Wine pairings are all about making both the food and wine taste better, but some types of wine can interact with food differently, in this case, taming the heat.

Sugar can balance and even neutralize food’s spiciness, so your safest bet is finding wine with residual sugar. Remember that some wines smell sweet but are quite dry on the palate.

What you want is a bottle of sweet wine, like a nice Riesling or a late harvest. Some red wines are slightly sweet as well, including Yarra Valley’s famous sticky wines. Some Shiraz wines are so ripe they have residual sweetness, too, so they might work nicely with spicy food.

Nice and Sweet, That’s the Way to Go

For spicy food, sweet wines are your lifesavers. This means you might want to have a bottle of Yarra Valley sweet wine in the fridge for when you’re planning on enjoying a spicy meal.

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