Why Is Blind Wine Tasting A Thing?

We’ve all seen wine connoisseurs and wine drinkers sticking their noses into their wine glasses for hours, as we wonder, does the intensity of the bouquet add to the entire experience of drinking it, let’s find out.

The truth is, wine tasting is tons of fun, and you don’t have to be a Sommelier to do it right. Think of wine tasting as going on a safari; you’re hunting for flavours, aromas and textures to reveal a wine’s real character, and there are tons of things to discover in a single glass! Here’s the answer to why a blind tasting is a thing to experience.

1. Wine Has A Voice

Every bottle of wine is unique; no two wines smell or taste alike. Wine tasting is not about talking about the wine you have in hand, but about learning to listen to what the wine has to say.

At Chauffeur Drive Melbourne, Yarra Valley private winery tours, we take our wine-loving guests on winery tours and we show them how Yarra Valley wine truly tastes. That’s what the French call terroir. Wine has a sense of place, and if you pay close attention, you can be transported through flavour and aromas to the wine’s origin.

2. Wine Tasting Improves Your Memory

Have you ever smelled the contents in a wine glass only to find a particular scent you just can’t quite say what it is? You have the answer at the tip of your tongue, but your brain can’t pinpoint it.

This is what we call olfactory memory, and wine tasting is the finest way to enhance it. Like a fifth sense, you can perceive if the wine smells like roses or black peppercorns, fresh-cut grass, or Morello cherries, and that’s a pretty neat party trick.  Not to mention keeping our brains sharp and in-tune and who doesn’t want that.

3. Wine Tasting Can Help You Spot a Bad Bottle

Believe it or not, wine tasting was first invented to determine the soundness and quality of the wine, and if you’re into wine, that’s a skill you might want to hone.

Today most wines are sound, but there are still some bottles past their prime out there and detecting them on the first sip is critical.

Wine can be oxidised if exposed to oxygen, or light-struck if exposed to sunlight. It can be funky because of nasty bacteria finding their way into the bottle or cooked because you forgot your bottle of wine in the trunk of your car.

Be rest assured that travelling with Chauffeur Drive Melbourne, Yarra Valley your purchases are kept chilled to be enjoyed at your leisure.

4. Wine Tasting is a Way to Share Your Passion for Wine

The ability to explain how a particular bottle of wine tastes and smells is like a gift, something that can be taught and mastered through wine tasting.

Describing wine to family and friends is vital in a restaurant scenario or a wine store.  This gift helps you engage on another level with friends and family when choosing a bottle for any occasion with confidence.

You love the wine, its characters, flavours, aromas, so why not share your new found knowledge on a deeper level. Wine tasting is more than a party trick; it’s learning how to talk about wine. That’s why our Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley private winery tours are so popular, people visit the Yarra Valley to have a good time, but everyone ends up learning something, and that’s the beauty of wine tasting in the Yarra Valley.

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