When to Decant Wine?

Decent Wine

You’ve seen them around, those lovely crystal vessels designed exclusively to make fine wine show its best. That’s what decanters too, and they’re the real deal. The question is, when should you decant wine? Well, the answer is more interesting than you think. It turns out decanters are pretty versatile!

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To Decant or Not to Decant?

The decanter was created to serve a single purpose, to separate well-aged wine from its sediments. After all, who wants a glass of murky wine? So, what are these sediments, anyway? Sediments in wine are now rare. Less than 5% of wine is made to withstand the test of time, but those that do can rest comfortably in a cellar for decades.

These wines shed sediments, mainly tartaric acid, pigments and tannins. And these sediments are deposited on the bottom of the bottle by gravity. Using a decanter and a light source (often a candle), an expert with a steady hand can pour the wine from the bottle to a decanter without disturbing such sediments.

Decanters Can Do Much More!

And although few wines have sediments anymore, decanters have other uses. Have you heard that you should let the wine breathe? Well, it’s true! Wine ‘opens’ in contact with oxygen. That means it releases more aromatic compounds, instantly becoming more enjoyable. And the cool thing is that pouring a bottle of wine into a decanter is a marvelous way of aerating wine.

Even if your bottle of wine doesn’t have sediment, you can still decant it to open it up aromatically. And that goes for red, white, rosé and even sparkling wines! Talking about sparkling wines, Chandon is one of the finest sparkling wine producers in Australia, and you can visit its winery in our winery tour to Yarra Valley.

Decanters Have Yet Another Use

And now that you know decanters can separate the wine from its solids and add oxygen to any wine, let’s talk about a third significant use of decanters. They’re gorgeous! A crystal decanter placed at the center of a long tablecloth table at a fancy dinner is a wonderful touch that can elevate any experience to memorable heights.

Decanters are elegant and beautiful pieces, and they’ll surely leave an impression. Pouring wine from a decanter is also a fantastic way of serving a ‘secret’ wine during a wine tasting! If that wasn’t enough, you can pour wine into a decanter to warm it up a little. When wine is too cold, it doesn’t show its best.

Decanters Are Quite Versatile, You See?

Now You know it. Owning a decanter will open a world of possibilities for you and will surely make your vinous hobby much more enjoyable.

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