Seven Practical Fun Tips to Grow Your Wine Palate

Seven Practical Fun Tips to Grow Your Wine Palate

Remember fun is the name of the game when training your wine palate, it’s the easiest and most enjoyable way to savor wine.  Wine is more than a beverage; it’s a window into the history of the region, learning about where the wine is grown, while talking to the Yarra Valley vignerons and winemakers.  Grow you wine palate to discover different grape varieties on your next Yarra Valley romantic getaway.  Yarra Valley wines are always evolving into another level with your private driver it’s a perfect way to showcase the Yarra Valley to you.

Look over the expanding panoramic views across the vineyards, walk through the history of each cellar door and meet the families who toil the ground to grow their amazing Yarra Valley wines for you to taste!.

Take your wine tastings journey to another level, go to the source, take a private winery tour to the Yarra Valley with us here at Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley  we offer the finest wine tasting experiences in the Yarra Valley, perfect for your next Yarra Valley romantic getaway.  Allow us to spoil you with lavish food and wine pairing experiences, Yarra Valley romantic getaway, overnight getaways, weekend getaways, visit us here we can’t wait to see you, personalized for two, couples, families and friends 1300 48 11 88.

1. Journal your personal experiences or post to social media

Let us into your personal wine tasting journey.  Tell us about the colors of wine, is it golden, red or blush pink, is it ruby and full bodied? we want to know.  Tell us what you taste, let us into your unique wine palate thoughts, flavours and intricacies, we want to hear from you. Is the wine crisp or robust, full or light bodied? Is it textural, does it burn and linger on the palate? All of these are clues to the wine’s provenance, personality and ultimately, its quality, share together on your Yarra Valley romantic getaway experience.  Compare wines together side by side to learn important differences., this is where the learning happens!

2. The Art is Discovery

Taste different wines at every opportunity, sight, smell and taste, upon tastings allow the wine to coat all areas of your mouth and palate, try a few times, let it sit, open up and experience the difference after decanting, you’ll love the difference!

Try reds, whites, fortified there is so much choice, the truth is all wines are beautiful and perfectly finessed by the vignerons and wine makers, tried and tested for perfect balance.  Try wines made from different grapes and take your palate on a world tour! Talking about tours and private experiences, take a private Yarra Valley tour with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley for the finest Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sparkling wine in the Yarra Valley, with many more to discover along the way discover exclusive Yarra Valley romantic getaway experiences

3. Grow Your Wine Palette with Food Matching

Every mouthful is a new experience when matched perfectly with wine. Grow your wine palate on your next private Yarra Valley wine and food tour experience with us and taste the difference.  Learn about wine and food together on your private Yarra Valley romantic getaway, identify certain flavours in a dish, you can see where the wine is grown outside your windows view.  Team your love of food and wine together in the Yarra Valley, experience the food craft of world renown chefs and world class Yarra Valley wine makers at the top of their game. Think about your next escape on your Yarra Valley romantic getaway for 2 and allow us to spoil you.

4. Taste with those close to you

Tasting with like-minded people is a fantastic way of training your wine palate. After all, we’re all different and are more or less sensitive to some flavors and aromas. Sometimes, it’s not until someone calls cinnamon on that glass of red wine that you also detect the scent. Share your impressions and listen to others. Tasting as a group is also much more fun!  Have you thought of playing a musical game while tasting wine?

Click Buy This Musical Glass Wine Game

5. Taste with the Pros

And although there’s nothing wrong with tasting wine with inexperienced wine tasters, you learn a ton from tasting with the pros. And that means visiting the wine country and tasting the wine with those who made it. Visit a winery and see how the wine is made, talk to the grape growers, and experience the impressive wine cellars where the wine ages. There are many wine tastings in the Yarra Valley you can enjoy every weekend!

6. Taste other types of drinks

Wine is a unique drink; there’s no doubt about it. Still, you can learn a lot by tasting other fermented and distilled beverages. Taste craft beer, cider and spirits as well. You can even train your palate with cocktails! Take a  private Yarra Valley Lunch and Cocktails Tour for two or a private Beer and Spirits Tour for two from Melbourne.

7. Take your time

We all learn at a different speed, so take your time and keep on tasting.  Take your time with every wine glass you come across; wine is often a bit shy; it needs a few minutes to open and show its personality.

No rush, take your time leisurely to visit the Yarra Valley on all our private experiences with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley; no one is rushed, so enjoy wine at your own pace!

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