Chauffeur Drive, “Back to “Business as Usual”

Yarra Valley Respite Care Package

Melbourne finally breathes again as the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted as of June 1st.

We’re far from defeating the global pandemic, but with the cooperation of all the community, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’re happy to announce to all the wine lovers in the area and all the people waiting to breathe the fresh air, to brush their fingers against the neatly aligned vines and to try great wine, that we’re back to business with unique private winery tours to the Yarra Valley.

We’ve always offered great Melbourne Private tours to those who want to visit the famous wine region, and we’ll continue to do so, but with a few restrictions, because we care about your safety.

Since 1991, small groups have been part of our philosophy, but during the health crisis, they’re particularly important to mention.

Small parties not only comply with social distancing regulations but also allow groups of 2, 4 and 6 people to enjoy exclusive experiences hard to forget. 

You can take a wine tour with your partner, friends and family in private vehicles, which we think is the best way to enjoy the wine country.

All our staff have passed Infection Control Training by the Australian Department of Health, and we provide on-board hand sanitizer. You’re in good hands.

We want you to have fun, enjoy good wine and relax. You deserve to have a good time, and we’re convinced that a Private Winery tour to Yarra Valley is just what the doctor ordered.

Don’t be a stranger now, and ask us any question, we’re here to help, but more importantly, we’re here to take you for a ride you’ll always remember.

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