5 Indian Dishes with 5 Wines

5 Indian Dishes with 5 Wines

Indian food is more popular than ever. In fact, it’s one of the best-represented cuisines worldwide! Today, you can find authentic Indian food in every country, and people can’t get enough of it.

The question is, is Indian food compatible with wine? After all, India is not a major wine-producing country, but what about its food?

Well, there’s good news. Indian food is fantastic with wine. Here are the perfect pairings between the most popular Indian foods and wine. Before we get started, we’d love to invite you to enjoy an overnight Yarra Valley getaway for two, an exclusive offer only available at Chauffeur Drive. Let’s get started!

1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is the most popular Indian dish, although it has its origins in Britain. These are juicy pieces of chicken marinated in thick yoghurt and tossed with spices. Based on tomatoes and coconut milk, the vibrant red sauce is hard to beat.

Wine Pairing: Enjoy chicken tikka masala with an aromatic dry white wine. Riesling, Torrontés and Gewürztraminer are lovely alternatives. The floral aromas in the wine balance the spices in the dish nicely.

2. Biryani

Biryani is an ancient rice dish that might contain different proteins, from fish to chicken. What all biryani has in common is its spicy and fragrant flavor. Finely chopped veggies give color to biryani as well! Keep in mind there are dozens of biryani versions, and some are heartier than others. Choose your wine accordingly.

Wine Pairing: The best alternative for biryani is a crisp, refreshing white wine to cleanse your palate after every bite. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Vermentino are always good pairings for biryani.

3. Tandoori Chicken

The tandoori is a clay oven where people cook everything from flatbread to spicy chicken. The smoky flavors and charred goodies in tandoori chicken make it irresistible, while an adobo-like marinate really gives vibrancy to the dish. This is one hearty and satisfying piece of chicken.

Wine Pairing: Enjoy tandoori chicken with a robust red wine that’s not too heavy on tannins. A bold Shiraz, a new world Merlot or a juicy Zinfandel can tackle the Indian dish successfully every time.

4. Shahi Paneer

Paneer is hard-pressed cottage cheese, and it’s deliciously silky and milky. Paneer can also take the heat, so it’s perfect for cooking. When served with a creamy gravy and a side of flatbread, you get yourself a lovely vegetarian dish.

Wine Pairing: Paneer dishes shine best with medium-bodied red wines, especially if served with a tangy sauce. In this case, you want red wine with noticeable acidity. A silky Pinot Noir might just be the perfect wine pairing for this Indian food.

5. Pakora

Pakora is a spicy fritter you can grab and go at a street food stand. You can also order it for a lovely starter. These two-biters are made with vegetables and gram flour; they’re then deep-fried for a beautiful crackly texture. Pakora is not only filling and delicious, but also fun!

Wine Pairing: Pakora, like most other deep-fried goodies worldwide, match beautifully with sparkling wine. The wine’s crisp acidity cuts through the oil, making the experience much more enjoyable.

Hone Your Food and Wine Pairing Skills!

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