Winter Wines – What Should I Be Stocking Up On?

Winter Wines - What Should I Be Stocking Up On

Winter is around the corner and that means spending more time indoors. That’s not entirely bad. Sure, we all love outdoor BBQ’s, but indoor dinner parties can be just as fun!

Once you get bitten by the wine bug, you’ll soon discover that some types of wine are more suitable for warm summer days and others for the cold weather. Here’s all you need to know about winter wines and what you should start stocking up on.

To learn more, let us take you on a private winery tour experience to the Yarra Valley with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, perfect for couples’ food, wine and dining experiences. Winter is cosy, couples snuggle up by the open fire and visit your favourite cellar doors, tasting as many wines as you wish, no need to miss out, you’re not driving, enjoy!

1. Heart-warming, Oak-Aged White Wine

If you think white wine is just for the warm season, there’s good news for you. Bold, vanilla-scented, buttery white wine, yum! especially oak-aged Chardonnay, is the most delightful winter wine, at least in the white wine category.

The secret is in the malolactic fermentation, a secondary bacterial reaction that happens in fermented wine. Bacteria turns the tart malic acid in the wine into a more generous lactic acid, making the wine mellower, smoother on the finish, savour this it’s worth it!

Enjoy oak-aged white wine with roast poultry, pork, veal, creamy sauces and pasta. Creamy and buttery comfort food is what the cold season is about, right?

2. Bold, Full-bodied Red Wine

Picture yourself sitting by the fire on a chilly night. Now take a sip of a fruit-forward, red wine with delicious alcoholic warmth. That’s the spirit of the season, absolutely delicious!

It’s the time of the year to pop open those bottles of big, bold, structured red wines. If aged, even better. Think of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and perhaps some rarer wines made with Tempranillo or Cabernet Franc, yes right here in the Yarra Valley.

What you want is tannins, those gritty particles that dry your mouth. You want alcoholic strength, and you want lots of red and black fruit flavours.  Yarra Valley has a great deal of such bold wines, and they’re compatible with winter feasts comprising hearty stews, casseroles and roasts, winter warmers with great Yarra Valley wines are the way to go.

3. Stickies!

Fortified wines are incredible, they’re timeless classics. These are the quintessential winter wines because they’re sweet, alcoholic, robust and incredibly complex. They’re beautiful.

Wine made in the style of Port and Sherry are especially good in winter; they’ll warm you up and boost your mood. They’re fantastic conversation starters, too, especially if you share them with friends and family not familiar with the style.

We invite you to experience incredible Fortified wines perfect for the winter season, think sweet wines and sweet chef inspired deserts, they are waiting for you in the Yarra Valley on your private chauffeured wine, food and dining experience with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, we cant wait to see you warming up over the winter season, with incredible food, wine and gorgeous scenery, sit back and relax, we take care of everything at Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley from start to finish.

What Are Your Favourite Winter Wines?

What are your favourite wines for the cold season? We’d love to know, come with us to the Yarra Valleys cool climate wine region and stock up for the upcoming season!

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