Where France’s Viognier Flourishes, Yarra Valley

France’s Viognier Flourishes

Of all the white wine grapes in the world, one of the most exciting is undoubtedly Viognier. No, the aromatic grape is not nearly as popular as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, but it has fans worldwide. It’s easy to see why — wine made with Viognier is delicious!

Before we talk about this beautiful varietal, let us invite you to experience one of our Yarra Valley wine tours for 2. Hire a private driver and tour the Yarra Valley with Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Yarra Valley. A Yarra Valley driver can take you to the most exciting vineyards in the wine country, including a few gems planted with Viognier.

What is Viognier, anyway?

Viognier is a white wine grape from France. Its spiritual home is the Northern Rhône, and it’s the leading varietal in the appellations of Condrieu and Château Grillet. Viognier is also blended with its noble stablemate, Syrah in Côte-Rôtie AOC and a few others. This is one of the few white grapes often fermented with red grapes.

Viognier might have its origins in Dalmatia, Croatia. It was the Romans who took the grape to France in 281 AD. Sadly, the grape is hard to grow, as it’s prone to fungal diseases. This didn’t stop Viognier from conquering the world. It now thrives in North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

How Does Viognier Taste Like?

Viognier is a white-skinned grape that produces golden wines with medium body and medium-high alcoholic warmth. On the nose, Viognier offers floral aromatics, peaches, honeysuckle and hints of cooking herbs. Viognier’s nose might be sweet, but the palate is almost always dry. This is one of the most food-compatible wines worldwide, and the wine can age!

Viognier is more than an aromatic grape; it’s also the source of rare, full-bodied wines with a rich texture. Viognier is also one of the few white grapes with an affinity to oak ageing. There’s nothing like it.

Viognier in Australia

Viognier has found a new home in Australia. Only 130 hectares of vineyards are planted with the French grape in the country, making it the 18th most planted white grape. There’s not a lot to go around.

Some of Australia’s most significant Viognier plantings belong to Yalumba in Eden Valley. You’ll also find Viognier in Clare Valley, Murray River, McLaren Vale, Geelong, Nagambie Lakes, Canberra, Mornington Peninsula, Barossa and the Adelaide Hills.

Perhaps the most exciting Viognier vineyards in Australia call Yarra Valley home. Pimpernel Vineyards and a few other dedicated producers champion Viognier with extraordinary results.

Viognier Never Disappoints

There’s no doubt the Yarra Valley wines are better than ever, and they’re also incredibly diverse. Viognier is just another cooler in the winemakers’ palette.

Viognier is exciting, and the wines made with it are unique. If you want to know them, take one of our Yarra Valley wine tours for 2. Your own private driver to take you on a memorable experience in Yarra Valley. A Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Yarra Valleydriver can show you all of Viognier’s secrets and much more!

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