When Is Champagne Day? Champagne Day Takes Place On The 4th Friday Of October Each Year

World Champagne Day

Champagne Day is internationally celebrated on the 4th Friday of October every year. That marks October 27th as the Champagne Day this year. It is the ultimate day of the year when champagne is widely recognized and celebrated. World Champagne Day does not follow a specific traditional protocol. You can celebrate this as you desire, alone or by hopping to every possible champagne spot.

World Champagne Day began when a Californian blogger called for a global champagne celebration in 2009. Champagne lovers having a world community started celebrating its glory on the 4th Friday of October ever since. It quickly gained momentum amongst the champagne enthusiasts. With the popularity of champagne, its lovers started celebrating the bubbly sparkling joy they desire in every corner of the globe. Champagne Day is now a global phenomenon, with enthusiasts sharing moments of them enjoying the sparkling drink on social media. In Melbourne, too, the day is highly celebrated. There are multiple options for you to explore on this sparkling day.

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As Australia holds the sixth-largest market for champagne worldwide, you will get plenty of variety and many offers. Melbourne brings a marvellous range of champagne with the facility of chauffeur drives, facilitating you to explore multiple spots at a time. You will also find outstanding locations to enjoy a fine champagne experience. You can enjoy the tranquil scenes and the best of champagne by indulging in a Yarra Valley Day Tour.

Let us explore some activities you can enjoy when celebrating World Champagne Day in Melbourne.

3 Top Activities To Do On Champagne Day

  • Hop to the trendiest rooftop bars in Melbourne: Celebrating Champagne Day in Melbourne will bring you lifetime memories. You can explore the popular rooftop bars serving the best of champagne. These bars come with stunning offers on World Champagne Day, which will let you enjoy the most of the day. Apart from champagne, you will get served with sensational food options. You can ease into your rooftop bar hopping plans by opting for the chauffeur drive facilities.
  • Visit the exciting events: In Melbourne, on World Champagne Day, various events are held in the heart of the city. You can visit the events to enjoy a fine glass of sparkling glory by opting for chauffeured drives. The events display a world-class variety of champagne, which is hard to miss. The events bring a complimentary food palate and an exciting champagne lovers get-together.
  • Enjoy a Yarra Valley overnight retreat: Yarra Valley has a variety of tour options which you can opt for on this Champagne Day. Though the region is famous for its wineries, it also brings you the finest champagnes globally. Apart from champagne, you will experience the luxury of fine dining and excellent accommodation for an overnight retreat. The scenic surroundings also add to the memorable experience Yarra Valley offers.

Thus, these are some of the few must-experience activities on Champagne Day this October 27th. Having the facilities of chauffeured drives, you can enjoy Champagne Day with your family and friends by opting for a Yarra Valley Winery Tour to explore Melbourne’s top bars and events.

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