What makes Chandon Garden Spritz the Drink of the Summer?

Chandon Garden Spritz

The Chandon Garden Spritz is the classy choice to make any celebration this summer a special one. Chandon Garden Spritz is a gorgeous blend of the classy sparkling champagne and the bitterness of orange. The sparkling is grown in Yarra Valley combines the Australian crafted orange bitters. This drink is new and is popularly served cold with a rosemary sprig. Chandon Garden Spritz is a hit with the summer barbecues making it an absolute favourite amongst the champagne lovers.

The Chandon grapes are produced in Yarra Valley using the authentic French method. The bitters are made by blending the Chandon with the Australian navel and the classic blood oranges along with the orange peels. Further, to intensify the taste, some natural herbs and spices are added, giving this Chandon a classic Australian twist. There is no use of artificial colours or taste as it is a Chandon product.

With this twist of flavours, the Australian take of this Spritz is a must try for the champagne enthusiasts. You can get the best of Chandon Garden Spritz when on a Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Yarra Valley Yarra Valley Wine tasting tour. The freshness of Yarra Valley, the scenic view and the outstanding luxurious wine tasting setting well-complemented with sensational food palates make it worth a visit. You can opt for chauffeur drives from Melbourne to Yarra Valley to experience the best of luxuries. http://bit.ly/3CFp4pj

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Let us learn more about Chandon Garden Spritz and what makes it the ideal summer drink.

What is the best way to serve the Chandon Garden Spritz?

Chandon Garden Spritz has the fruity freshness and the classic taste of sparkling champagne. The drink is best served with complementary food such as spicy Asian food, sashimi and sushi. It is also paired well with old cheddar, nuts and dried exotic fruits.

Apart from this, the Chandon Garden Spritz makes the perfect drink at any summer barbecue party. The richness of the drink along with complementary spicy food palates is perfect for summer.

Tasting the best of Chandon

Chandon Garden Spritz brings a zesty, spicy with the bitterness. The citric tension is well balanced with the sweetness. Though the bitterness is obvious at the end, the harmony of the tasty invites for yet another sip.

Hence, to get the best of Chandon Garden Spritz, you will have to book a trip to the stunning Yarra Valley. A Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Yarra Valley Winery Tour and overnight stay, along with the Chandon Garden Spritz tasting will be the ultimate summer treat for you. The luxuries of Yarra Valley and the gorgeous Chandon Garden Spritz go hand-in-hand helping you make epic summer memories.

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