What Does A Vintage Mean and Why Does It Matter?


Wine is a curious drink. Unlike most other beverages on the planet, it evolves. Wine ages just like us, meaning it might become better over time but will eventually die down. That’s the circle of life.

When we talk about a vintage, we’re talking about the year the grapes for any wine were picked. It makes all the difference. Understanding wine vintages will allow you to choose your wine better, and you’ll avoid drinking wine too young or past its prime.

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Not all Years are as Good

You have surely noticed that some summers are just hotter than others. The same happens with winters. For grapes, this is a big deal. Wine grapes need lots of heat and sun to ripen to perfection.

If summer is too cloudy, the grapes will develop poorly, and you can tell when tasting the wine. On the other hand, sunny and warm summers make for ripe, sugary grapes that turn into complex and boozy wines with fruit-forward personalities.

If you remember a particularly cold summer, then you might want to avoid wine harvested in that year. Yes, to appreciate wine to its fullest, you must pay attention to the weather!

Drink Young Wine or Old Wine?

Most wine produced today is meant to be enjoyed young. That’s up to three years for white and rosé and up to five years for reds. If the wine is older than that, it might start to taste not at its best.

This is another reason why vintages on wine labels matter. They allow us to stay away from old wine that’s probably past its prime.

Of course, a small percentage of wine is created to endure the test of time. You can enjoy some contemplative examples after ten and even twenty years, and the most concentrated get better with time. You’ll recognise these age-worthy wines because they’re often the most expensive in a wineries catalogue, but they’re worth splurging a little.

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