Uncovering another famous sports identity who loves wine

Australian F1 Superstar Daniel Ricciardo and its DR3 Wine

Australia’s better known F1 pilot, Daniel Ricciardo, has wine running through his veins. The pilot recently stated his father was a home winemaker, and he has always been involved in the beautiful world of wine.

Now, the McLaren driver has taken his love for wine to second gear with a collaboration with winemaker extraordinaire Peter Munro from St Hugo’s winery.

The wine range is called DR3 and right now comprises a structured and oak-scented Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon and a juicy and spicy Barossa Valley Shiraz. Here’s all you need to know about Daniel Ricciardo’s wines.

The Winery Behind the DR3 Wines

The DR3 wine collection is produced by St Hugo Winery, a boutique, luxurious project based in the Barossa Valley and Coonawarra. The estate goes back to 1850, and it’s a third-generation vinous undertaking.

St Hugo has gained global recognition for its wines, and it’s thanks to the talented winemaker Peter Munro and the original Gramp family backing him up every step of the way.

St Hugo’s signature collection has its strength in Barossa Shiraz and Coonawarra Cabernet, precisely the wine styles selected to give life to Formula One driver Daniel Joseph Ricciardo’s DR3 line released this 2021.

Meet the Wines!

To get your hands on a DR3 wine bottle, you must sign up on St Hugo’s waiting list. Still, we can give you a sneak peek at what these wines are all about.


This fine Coonawarra Cabernet from a fantastic vintage shows pure varietal aromas reminiscent of blackberries, cooking herbs and floral undertones over a structured and firm palate extending long into an elegant finish. This precise and pure Cabernet is an ideal match for grilled meat, prime steak, slow-cooked barbecued meat and grilled veggies.


Big and bold, this 2014 Barossa from old vines shows opulent black fruit supported by the most attractive oak spices and freshly cracked black pepper. The palate is textural and gritty, but noble. There’s a concentrated richness hard to match that makes the wine structured and elegant but attractively juicy. Chocolate, blackberries and hints of cedar make the DR3 Shiraz an ideal partner for sticky pork ribs, coffee-rubbed slow-cooked meat, and sweet and sour beef stir-fries.

It comes without saying both DR3 wines have immense concentration and will shine for many years. Ideal to cellar for at least a decade.

What Does the DR3 Wine Collection Really Mean?

We all know you can find great wine coming from all wine regions in the country, and yes, sponsored wines like the DR3 are undoubtedly attractive; after all, the F1 pilot, Daniel Ricciardo, is a national hero.

If you have the chance to buy these wines, you’re in for a treat, but for the asked $65, you can enjoy many other astounding Barossa and Coonawarra wines.

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