What Type of Wine Drinker Are You?

What Type of Wine Drinker Are You

Wine is diverse, but much more are the people that enjoy it. We’re talking about clashing personalities that make the wine-loving community a wild place.

If you want to meet other wine lovers like you, join us on our Melbourne tours, specifically on a private winery tour to the Yarra Valley with Chauffeur Drive Melbourne, Yarra Valley and explore the vineyards and wineries with your loved ones! Without further ado, here are some of the most common wine personalities. Which one are you?

The Wine Snob

The Wine Snob knows its stuff; these are often experienced tasters with solid wine knowledge. Sadly, with expertise comes certain over confidence that may miss new and exciting wine style discoveries.

Wine Snobs prefer to drink rare wine from exclusive producers and only from the finest vintages. You won’t catch them with a bag-in-box wine in the fridge.

Greatest fear: Being stuck on a desert island with a silver blow up pillow.

The Savvy Buyer

Savvy buyers might be passionate wine lovers, but they can’t say no to a good deal. When shopping for wine, they’ll go for the cheapest bottle available, and they’ve made a habit of buying wine in convenience stores. You’ll also find them stuffing their supermarket cart with a bag-in-box wine.

Greatest fear: Being judged by Wine Snobs.

The Medal Collector

The medal collectors might not know a lot about wine, but they’re pretty enthusiastic. They rely on buying wines with golden stamps on the bottles.

They live for gold, double gold and platinum awarded wines. They might not distinguish them in a blind tasting, but they drink nothing but the good stuff.

Greatest Fear: Their friends finding wines without awards tastier than gold medallists.

The Connoisseur

Connoisseurs might be as knowledgeable as Wine Snobs, but they use their powers to do good. This type of wine drinker knows its theory and has sharp tasting skills, but they know great wine can come from anywhere at any price range, so they won’t only focus on top-of-the-line labels.

Connoisseurs find value in lesser-known grapes from off-the-beaten-path wine regions, and they often enjoy delicious wine that is also quite inexpensive. These guys are the ones buying all the Kangaroo Island Cab Franc.

Greatest fear: Being considered a wine snob.

The Tree Hugger

Ok, let’s not start with name calling, but you get the picture. This type of wine drinker is actually worth praising; they’re all about sustainable wine, wine made with organic grapes and fermented with native yeast without sulphur, even if that means the wine smells a bit funky.

Committed to the environment, these are some of the pickiest wine drinkers out there, and they like to do their research, so make sure you’re honest with them because they can smell wine additives a mile away.

Greatest fear: Sulphites and Additives

What Kind of Wine Drinker Are You?

It doesn’t matter what type of wine drinker you are; if you prefer a glass of wine over a beer, you’re already in the right team.

Now join the crew and let us take you on a private winery tour to Yarra Valley to meet your heroes!

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