Tired of Being Locked Down Already? Let’s Head on Out

Yarra Valley Respite Care Package: Saturday

At Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley we’re more than excited to take you on a Private Winery Tour to the Yarra Valley. We are one of the most requested Melbourne tours, and now we’re ready to take you to the Yarra Valley wine country again.

Here are a few reasons why taking a wine tour from Melbourne is precisely what you need to break out from the boredom of being locked down.

1. You Need Some Fresh Air

What all wine regions have in common is that they’re all gorgeous! Fine wine only comes from beautiful places; that’s the rule. Think verdant vineyards, fresh air, impressive landscapes and the calm only found in the Yarra Valley countryside.

A weekend in Yarra Valley is all your mind and body need to catch a break and recover from social distancing and lack of activity. You need this. Connect with nature and let us help you relax a little. When was the last time you breathed some fresh air?

2. Visit the Yarra Valley, Because Wine

Should we say more? Wine is the single most enjoyable agricultural product in the world. It has a tremendous sense of place, and every bottle has a soul. Meet the people behind your favourite wine and learn more about it by tasting it with the experts.

From grape to bottle, visiting the Yarra Valley wine country is the best way of expanding your wine knowledge. See how grape growers take care of these outstanding vineyards and learn all the secrets from some of Australia’s finest winemakers.

3. Come with Your Loved Ones!

The hardest thing about enduring an international pandemic is not spending time with the ones we care about the most. Zoom calls can only go so far; you need to be with loved ones.

4. We’ll Keep You Safe

A quick trip to the wine country is all you need to regain your energy and boost your mood. It comes without saying we comply with all the health and safety measures. We’re taking small groups only, and our staff is adequately trained to make sure your trip up to the Yarra Valley is entirely safe. Hand sanitiser, masks, and well-disinfected vehicles, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch, book your Yarra Valley private winery tour today. We have something special an experience, or gift for everyone!


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