The Zenology SOMM Wine Glass, Is it Worth It?

The Zenology SOMM Wine Glass, Is it Worth It?

The tulip shaped, handcrafted Zenology SOMM stemware has everyone excited. It is without a doubt a unique wine glass; I mean, it’s a looker! But is it worth it? And is it for you? Here’s all you need to know about this unique wine glass.

The Zenology Somm wine glass collection was commissioned by Wine Enthusiast, one of the world’s leading wine publications. The company has been selling wine cooling units and other wine-related paraphernalia for decades. Is this any different? Well, it seems the Zenology wine glasses might be their finest work yet.

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Expensive Handcrafted Stemware

Handcrafted crystal stemware is one of the most exclusive artisan products on earth. Only the finest European glassblowers craft these pieces, and they only do so for the most exclusive and expensive stemware brands.

That’s where Wine Enthusiast comes in. The brand’s immense commercial weight and reach were enough to find their way to the fine crystal producers and their unique 21-step wine glass-making process.

15 master glassblowers oversee crafting Zenology’s wine glasses to deliver the most extraordinary wine tasting experience to wine lovers worldwide, which has changed everything. Quality like this has never been more affordable.

A Unique Tulip Shape

Zenology wine glasses are instantly recognisable for their slick tulip shape. The lightweight and elegant stemware has a delicate curve opening towards the rim, resembling a tulip. This is no coincidence, the wide vase captures the wine’s aromas as they unfold, and the thin edge delivers it straight into your tongue effortlessly.

Swirl wine like an authentic sommelier, and then let it open in your palate with one swift sip after another. The tulip-shaped glass brings great pleasure to experienced and amateurs alike — it provides the same experience you get from the most exclusive wine glasses in the market.

An Impressive Collection

Zenology’s complete set is nothing but dreamy, a set of four wine glass styles to satisfy even the most demanding taster. Each glass has a unique capacity and size, but they all share the tulip rim, making the set as pretty as it is handy.

The Universal Zenology glass is perfect for everyday enjoyment, for white and red alike. It shines best when used for young wine. The Cabernet glass is ideal for tasting robust wine and not only Cabernet. Tempranillo, Shiraz and Carmenere, to mention a few, will taste beautiful in this larger glass.

The Pinot Noir glass is perfect for both Pinot and Chardonnay. And the Champagne glasses and just fun; they let the endless bubble streams kiss your lips as you enjoy the most pleasing bouquet.

Do You Want to Know More?

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