Spritzer, The Perfect Drink for Summer

Spritz Yarra Valley

The Spritzers are included!

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The warmer months on the calendar can be unforgiving. Although summer is synonym with BBQs, pool parties, and evenings enjoying the radiant sun, they’re also the perfect opportunity to freshen up with a cocktail. You know we’re all about wine, so let’s talk about a wine cocktail for summer that deserves more recognition, the Spritzer.

Before we get started, we’d like to invite you to an exclusive Private Yarra Valley with lunch, one of our best experiences for summer. And if you’re into cocktails, you’ll love our premium cocktails, wine and gin tasting experience Yarra Valley.

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What is a Spritzer?

Spritzers are refreshing drinks, usually made by combining white wine and soda or sparkling water. What you get is a drink lighter than wine with a lower alcoholic strength but much more refreshing, especially for the fizz, which makes spritzers so lively.

Spritzers are popular everywhere, interestingly, there are many types of spritzers, as you can play with the proportion between wine and sparkling water. You can also use red wine for spritzers, opening a world of possibilities!

How to Make a Spritzer?

To make a spritzer, you first need a bottle of nice wine. Using average wine results in an average spritzer.  In fact, taking a premium wine and gin tasting tour Yarra Valley is an excellent opportunity to pick up some wine at winery prices.

If this is your first time making a spritzer, we recommend making yours with 1-part white wine to 2 parts sparkling water. Adjust it from there to your liking. A few cucumber slices or citrus wedges can take your spritzer to another level, so get creative!

Spritzers are Synonymous for Summer

Spritzers are timeless, and they’ll never be out of fashion. In fact, they’re the best of two worlds, wine and cocktails!

Just like spending the morning at a Private Yarra Valley with lunch with friends or a premium wine and gin tasting tour Yarra Valley, spritzers are a way to enjoy wine with good company, especially when it’s hot outside. For a refreshing drink, there’s nothing better than the two-ingredient cocktail!

And now that the weather is perfect, let’s enjoy our vineyards; let’s explore some cellars and meet new people! Gift a private tour gift card Yarra Valley and visit the wine country with friends. Remember, the Spritzers are included.

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