Rosé Is Here to Stay

Everyone talks about white and red wine. Chardonnay this, and Pinot Noir that, but what about Rosé?

The pink wine is as noble and tasty as its more famous siblings, and it’s time it gets the recognition it deserves. Rosé is fantastic and super versatile; it’s very Instagrammable, too. Here are four reasons Rosé is here to stay, and why you should drink more of it.

If you want to learn more, come take a Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley private winery tour with us, we know exactly where to find the best Rosé in the Yarra Valley.

1. Rose is Always Fashionable

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the sunny French Riviera, visiting Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Nice. See the supercars and the yachts, smell the amazing French pastries, and the fabulous seafood. Do you know what every superstar and fashion icon is drinking right now? It’s Rosé.

This is not a trend; everyone in the know is drinking Rosé. The pink wine, along with sparkling wine, is the single most fashionable wine style around. You just look good drinking it, and you know it’s good!

2. Rosé is The Most Versatile Wine With Food

Whenever you’re at a restaurant, and everyone is waiting for you to choose the evening’s wine, you can always select a bottle on Rosé and ace it. You look like a wine expert because you actually are. Everyone will enjoy the thirst-quenching, berry scented wine.

Rosé goes great with fresh seafood and salads, with fatty fish like salmon and tuna, chicken, and other roasted poultry. The style is even crisp enough to contrast with a nice fatty steak.

3. Rosé Is For Everyone

Gender equality, no one will judge for drinking Rosé.

The term Brosé hit the mainstream a few years ago and was a real revolution, especially men who could finally enjoy a bottle of salmon-hued wine with no judgement. It’s great to see those types of barriers fall. Today guys drink Rosé and gals drink Scotch, and that’s pretty cool.

4. Rosé is Value for Money

Rosé is one of the better-valued wine styles out there. It’s hard to find a poorly made Rosé, and even the most inexpensive examples are refreshing, lively, and pleasing. For the money, Rosé from the Yarra Valley is a great buy.

Rosé is Not Only Here to Stay; It’s The Next Big Thing.

As you see, Rosé is not one thing but many. It comes as no surprise the wine category is on the rise. Spend a day with us on your Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley private winery tour and visit the Yarra Valleys best Rosé produces, really, you’ll find a special place in your heart for this pretty pink wine.

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