Roger Federer With Moët & Chandon

There’s no doubt Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis players in history. The Swiss forty-year-old man has held the No. 1 player spot in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for the longest period in the sport’s history and has twenty Grand Slam titles and counting. If you had to describe Federer in one word, that could be excellence.

It comes as no surprise luxury brands want something to do with the acclaimed tennis player, as he represents all the right values — sportsmanship, success and elegance. Of course, one of the strongest commercial relationships between Federer and a luxury brand has to do with Champagne. Here’s what you need to know about Roger Federer and Moët & Chandon.

Roger Federer’s Previous Endorsements

Before we talk about the world-famous sparkling wine, let’s give some context with previous and present endorsements that have put Roger Federer in Forbes’ – Highest-Paid Athletes in the World.

Being from Switzerland, it’s only natural that the biggest brands behind the tennis player are Credit Suisse, Rolex, Lindt and National Suisse. Still, the player has international supporters as well, including Mercedes-Benz, Gillette, Nike and the Italian pasta maker Barilla. And although these are obviously known international brands, the partnership between Federer and Moët & Chandon is clearly on another level — tennis and Champagne are a match made in heaven.

Moët Finds a New Tennis Partner

In fall 2021, Möet & Chandon announced a partnership with Roger Federer. They launched a video series called “Through the Eyes of…” Online video content has become the most important means of communication for brands, large and small, and this campaign is proof of it.

Quoting from Wine Spectator, Federer said in a statement, “This journey behind the scenes was one of the most authentic moments I have ever experienced in Champagne because I sensed the true passion of the people of Moët & Chandon. And that alone will make my next toast even more memorable.” Just watching Federer walking down into Moët’s underground cellars is inspiring!

Roger Federer and Wine

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