Pentridge Cellars, Melbourne, a Fortified Wine Treasure

Pentridge Cellars, Melbourne, a Fortified Wine Treasure

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of history? Well, at Pentridge Cellars, you can. How? Owning a state-of-the-art cellar and stocking it with the most glorious wines from the Yarra Valley and beyond. More than an investment, this passion-driven project will undoubtedly help you elevate your love for wine to the next level.

And talking about your love for wine, when was the last time you booked a private tour with Chauffeurdrive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley to the Yarra Valley? Well, you know where to find us! Now, let us tell you more about Pentridge Cellars.

Built to Stand the Test of Time

Pentridge Cellars is a massive, awe-inspiring compound built with solid blue stone in the heart of Coburg, Melbourne. What used to be Pentridge Prison is now the most exclusive complex of private wine cellars in the region, and when we say there’s history here, we mean it. Every stone has its story!

Add to that the stories of all the exclusive wines stored in the facility, and this is an authentic museum, a tasty one indeed! Our wine tours in Melbourne are a way to experience history as well, the story of grapes being turned into fantastic Yarra Valley wine!

Own A Piece of History

A Pentridge Cellars, you can own a private cellar, and it’s an extraordinary investment to pass from generation to generation. Store your wine collection with peace of mind and enjoy it every time you want with all-hours access but state-of-the-art security. What’s not to love?

And since the cellars are limited, let’s just say they’re scarce. Still, owning one offers more than wine storage. A cellar in this wine temple is an authentic experience. On our winery tours to the Yarra Valley, we’ve learned one thing, that fine wine is priceless. Where do you store yours? Why not Pentridge?

Enjoy Your Wine Collection with Your Loved Ones

If a manicured wine cellar in a fortified building weren’t enough for you, know that you can visit Pentridge with friends and family and enjoy your wine in the most extraordinary setting. Talking about grandiose architecture!

Did we mention you can store up to 2,000 bottles in your family cellar? That’s quite a collection! And there’s more; we know precisely where you can find wine worthy of your cellar. Come talk to your favorite winemakers in the Yarra Valley wine country, — don’t worry, we’re doing all the driving!

Did You Know Melbourne Was Home to Such Wonderful Estate?

Pentridge Cellars is certainly a must-visit in Melbourne, and owning a cellar there is the stuff of dreams! Don’t you agree?

And for other extraordinary experiences, come have a look at our tours! and follow us on Youtube, Vimeo, Redballoon, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. And if you want to experience the Yarra Valley to the fullest, here’s a limited Groupon for a special price on our unique Luxury Chauffeured Yarra Valley Wine Tour with Lunch for 2. There’s nothing like walking the vineyards and tasting the wine in the Yarra Valley.

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