Must-try Wine & Food Pairings for Chinese New Year

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People in China and all around Asia celebrate the New Year in February, precisely during the first New Moon.

These are seven days of excitement, great food, fun get-togethers with friends and family and good wishes for all.

Whether you’re in time to celebrate this year’s Chinese New Year, or you’re getting ready for next year, here are some great wine and food pairings to match the festivities’ gastronomic specialties.

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1. Tasty Appetisers That Represent Wealth

Spring rolls, egg rolls and dumplings are Chinese specialties that are delicious all-year-round, but they gain a new meaning during the Chinese New Year. Enjoying them means you’ll have wealth in your future, and who doesn’t need a little of that?

These delicate appetisers and one-biters are often quite delicate, filled with tasty but mild ingredients, like white meat and veggies.

Pair Chinese appetisers, either fried or steamed goodies with a crisp, elegant white wine. Yarra Valley’s zesty sparkling wine might just be what you’re looking for. Besides, there’s no better way of celebrating the New Year than with some bubbles!

2. Noodles Represent Longevity

Noodles are quintessentially Chinese. We’re talking some of the most flavourful and coating dishes based on this stringy pasta we can’t get enough of.

Noodle dishes represent longevity if enjoyed during the New Year’s celebrations. As if we needed an excuse to enjoy this flavourful staple food!

Enjoy noodles, especially when stir-fried with sweet and savoury sauces, and tossed with grilled white meat with a creamy and palate-coating Yarra Valley Chardonnay.

The ‘Queen of white grapes’ feels right at home in Victoria’s coldest wine region, and the weighty wine is the perfect partner for starchy food like noodles, buttery seafood and chicken.

3. Fish for Prosperity

Eating fish during the Chinese New Year guarantees prosperity. And talking about fish, Chinese food is always heavy on delicious oily fish lark carp and catfish.

Interestingly, Pinot Noir is one of the few red grapes that can be paired with fish, especially fatty fish, including the mention above plus salmon, sardines and tuna. Do you want to see the most glorious Pinot plantings in Australia? Visit the Yarra Valley, on a Chauffeur Drive Melbourne, Yarra Valley Private Winery Tour Experience.

Tackle this New Year’s obstacle with Chinese philosophy in mind, or as they say, overcome your problems like ‘A fish leaping over the dragon gate’.

The Best Pairings Are the Ones You Share

New Year’s celebrations are fantastic worldwide, mainly because there’s always good food and fine wine, guaranteed.

Find your own special meaning in your holiday food and share your traditions with those around you. At the same time, pair your favourite dishes with Yarra Valley wine and take your experience to exciting new heights!

Have a Happy New Year! As they say in China, ‘May you always have more than you need!’

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