How to Master Wine Tasting

Tasting wine is more than a party trick. The better you taste, the more pleasure you get from every glass.

We see it every day with our guests who love their Private Yarra Valley Tours and experiences with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley.  An experience of new flavours and aromas in every mouthful, every glass is a new discovery and matched with amazing food experiences, Wow!

That’s why we love what we do, showing our guests that everyone can become great at wine tasting.

Here are some tips from a sommelier to help you improve your wine tasting skills. You’ll be tasting wine like a pro in no time, guaranteed.

1. Taste, Taste, Taste

If you want to become a proficient wine taster. If you want to describe wine and its complexities, if you want to learn how to pair wine with food and even guess its provenance, then you must taste it. And then taste some more.

Our senses can and should be trained. Every bottle, every glass and every sip make you a better wine taster. You just have to mean it.

Let’s not forget tasting wine is not the same thing as drinking it. When you taste wine, you do it with intention, entirely focused and paying attention to what the wine has to say.

2. Hit the Books!

Wine tasting is all about wine knowledge. You must understand the history and tradition behind the most famous wine regions, the world’s iconic labels and the people behind them.

Navigate your way through a wine book and start with a new one the second you’re finished with it.

Learn about grapes and wine styles, but also about culture and food, traditions and exciting wine trends. If you want to taste wine like a seasoned professional, you must soak it all in.

Let’s say it out loud, to taste wine you must know wine, but there are few tastier topics to study, don’t you agree?

3. Visit the Wineries

Tasting wine and reading about it definitely helps, but you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn by just seeing the vineyards and wineries with your own eyes in the Yarra Valley.

Talk to winemakers, feel the soil under your feet. See how your favorite producers make wine from grape to bottle and then taste it on the spot in the Yarra Valley.

Visit your closest Yarra Valley wine region, and if you’re looking for a cruise ship excursion Melbourne-based, look no further. We consistently take wine lovers on Melbourne Private tours, Private winery tours to the Yarra Valley to meet exclusive wine producers right there, where the magic happens.

4.  What are you waiting for?

As you see, learning about wine and mastering the art of wine tasting is a fun undertaking.   The more you know about wine, the more you enjoy it.  Enjoy your Private Wine Experience with Chauffeur Drive Melbourne, Yarra Valley, we look forward to sharing this most beautiful wine region with you, 1300 48 11 88.

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