Martha Stewart & 19 Crimes Wine, All You Need to Know

Martha Stewart is a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, author and TV personality. Her contributions to our current lifestyle are boundless and go back for decades. Still, Ms Steward keeps doing what she does best; this time in the world of wine.

In early 2022, Martha Stewart announced her collaboration with Australia-based 19 Crimes winery resulting in her portrait on a rich California Chardy label.

Of course, Australia is known for its superb Chardonnay, which, by the way, you can very much enjoy during an overnight Yarra Valley getaway for two, an experience designed by Chauffeur Drive. Still, 19 Crimes choose California Chardonnay for Martha’s wine, and it’s a beauty! Here’s what you need to know.

About 19 Crimes

19 Crimes is a unique wine brand. It offers nineteen wine labels, each representing the original crimes that were punished by transportation in the UK, meaning convicts were sent to Australia to populate the vast country.

The winery famously portrays historical figures of the criminal world on its labels, but it has recently focused on more modern convicts, not just convicts but famous ones. Snoop Dog was the first illustrious face to dress 19 Crimes’ bottles.

Now, 19 Crimes has partnered with Martha Stewart, who, although enjoying an impeccable reputation, was convicted in 2004 for a stock market scandal.

Martha Stewart’s California Chardonnay

Martha collaborated with the winery to source wine of astounding quality while contrasting with the most common traits in Californian Chardonnay. Martha’s Chardonnay is clean, crisp and refreshing, rather than heavy and oaky.

Martha’s Chard retails at around US$11.99 and has enjoyed explosive growth. Of course, Martha has some experience with wine; in 2017, she opened Martha Stewart Wine Shop, and she has a popular wine club subscription as well.

Martha stated in an announcement, “The world didn’t need just another Chardonnay, so I created one that is clean, crisp, and flavorful without being too heavy or oaky. It pairs perfectly with my delicious recipes or can be enjoyed on its own. I hope you love it as much as I do!”

How to Pair Chardonnay with Food?

Chardonnay is one of the most versatile white grapes, especially when it comes to wine pairings, and Martha’s Chard is no exception. In fact, it has an excellent affinity for food, especially with light preparations based on fresh ingredients.

Pair this fresh Chardonnay with whitefish, fresh cheese, colorful salads, vegetarian dishes and spicy food.

There’s no doubt this Californian Chardonnay has opened a world of possibilities for winemakers globally. The crisp and light-bodied wine style is now popular in Australia as well! Enjoy Chauffeur Drive’s overnight Yarra Valley getaway for two and see for yourself.

Learn More About Wine!

If you enjoy wine as much as Martha Stewart, it’s time to elevate your wine knowledge and tasting skills. It’s time to visit the vineyards and the talented winemakers that live there.

If you’re ever around Melbourne, don’t miss the opportunity of taking a wine tour. Chauffeur Drive offers a wide range of wine experiences, including a lovely overnight Yarra Valley getaway for two! You don’t want to miss that one.

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