What Makes Wine Romantic?

Romantic getaways in Yarra Valley

Wine is more than booze; it’s the most romantic drink on the planet. It’s classy, high-browed and the quintessential beverage for date night, anniversary dinners and romantic getaways, the perfect gift.

Love is in the air in the Yarra Valley wine country, trust us. We’ve been taking couples on Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley private winery tours for years, and we’ve seen them fall back in love and renew their vows. Of course, it’s all thanks to wine. Here are four reasons behind what makes wine so romantic.

1. Wine tastes so good!

Wine has between 12% and 16% alcohol and it no doubt tastes so good, not to mention helping set a romantic mood. Not only are we more confident after drinking a few glasses of wine, but we relax more as we get closer, forgetting about our day and gazing into our partner’s eyes.

2. The Power of Suggestion

You see it in the movies, on the TV, and it’s widely present in literature. Wine is an aphrodisiac. Perhaps this is not a claim easily backed up by science, but socially, where there’s wine, there’s romance.

We’ve made wine an aphrodisiac through the power of suggestion; a glass of wine puts us in the right mood and makes us feel playful. There’s something sensual in the thin crystal glasses and wine’s ruby red colour. There’s something that excites our taste buds with the strawberry, blackberry, vanilla and chocolate aromas in wine, and all that adds up to romance.

3. Tending the Vines is an Act of Love

Wine starts at the vineyard, and every bottle is an irrefutable act of love. Taking care of the vines from winter to the harvest, walking the neatly aligned rows in the verdant Yarra Valley vineyards, with a pastoral feel in the air and a soft breeze caressing your cheeks. It just feels like time stops.

The Yarra Valley wine country is romantic; wine cellars are romantic; everything is romantic when surrounded by wine.

4. Wine is All About Sharing

There’s intimacy in sharing a bottle of Yarra Valley wine and pairing it with a gourmet meal. It’s not only the drinking, but sharing your impressions with a significant other. Unveiling all the wine’s secrets and underlying aromas. That’s quite a romantic interaction.

In a way, every wine bottle holds its secrets, and when they’re shared between two people, those secrets become a bond. Every bottle of Yarra Valley wine is a shared secret and quite a tasty one!

The Next Time You’re Feeling Romantic, Discover the Yarra Valley Wine Country

Surprise your partner with a Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley private winery tour from Melbourne.  Spend the day or night amongst the rolling hills to source the finest grapes in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, we can’t wait to see you.

Pinot Noir is king here, and it’s hard to argue it’s not one of the most seductive grapes out there. With sweet cherry aromas, and a palate as smooth as silk, a glass of Pinot is the right way to start your romantic get-away, do you agree?

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