How Long Does Sparkling Wine & Champagne Last After Opening? 

During many private winery tours in Yarra Valley, we’ve had the chance to hear some of the best winemakers answer many questions. Amongst them, one was interesting enough to share with you today.

How Long Does Sparkling Wine Last After Opening?

There’s a widespread belief that placing a small spoon, handle downwards, inside an opened bottle of sparkling wine, will keep it fresh and bubbly for longer. In case you were wondering if it’s true — it’s not. It’s a great conversation starter, though.

The reality is that bubbles can last up to three days. If you want to know how it’s done, we must visit the science corner.

Bubbles are deeply entwined with the liquid. Invisible when unopened, the CO2 is infused with wine and kept there through pressure. It’s pressure that keeps a sparkling wine bubbly, and it’s that same pressure what escapes with a festive pop every time we open a bottle.

CO2 incorporates better with wine if the liquid is cold, and this is one of the critical points to keep your opened bottle of sparkling wine alive: keep it cold. Storing it in the fridge will do it.

Then we have the stopper. Find a hinged bubble stopper with a rubber seal that clings to the glass “ring” found in the bottle’s neck. Trust us, that’s a tight seal that won’t let any bubbles escape.

If you are still unsure about how to store leftover sparkling wine, invite a few more friends to the party and make sure you enjoy every last drop!

To try the best sparkling wine around and get your own wine doubts answered by the experts. Take a private winery tour to Yarra Valley, a day trip you won’t forget.

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