LeBron James’ Love Affair with Wine

Uncovering another famous sports identity who loves wine

LeBron James’ Love Affair with Wine

There’s no doubt LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but he is a passionate wine lover as well.

Interesting enough there are lots of successful sports stars who eventually find their way to wine.  LeBron James did just that and he’s more than excited to learn more about wine every day!

This is no Endorsement, but pure passion for wine!

LeBron James often posts pictures of wine (amazing wine) on his social media accounts, but this is no endorsement but the real deal. The basketball player genuinely tastes wines with friends and experts alike and loves to share his passion with his millions of online followers.

It comes without saying this free publicity has helped the wine industry reach a new, broad audience, and we’re still waiting to see its effects. If the younger crowd finds wine as exciting as LeBron does, the future of fine wine is guaranteed for the next couple of decades.

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What Wines Does LeBron James Drink?

A recent Instagram pic with over 264,000 likes and 4,000 comments shows a few opened bottles enjoyed by King James. These are no ordinary wines but authentic masterpieces worthy of any wine collection.

A bottle of 97 Sassicaia stands out. The Super Tuscan is amongst the highest rated Italian wines in history, with its fruity delicious red with current, plum and berry aromas and flavours and a citrusy, floral undertone.  Medium body, long and caressing finish.

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LeBron James loves New World wine, too. Wines produced outside of the traditional winegrowing areas of Europe and the Middle East, including Australia!

The NBA’s obsession with wine has undoubtedly grown in the last few years, with many players being part of an unofficial wine club, bottles and wine glasses abound.

They’re tasting the good stuff, too, and most importantly, they’re showing the world, especially the younger people, that wine is all about enjoyment in moderation, drink good wine swirling and tasting, discover your flavour profiles and enjoy!

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