Johnny Depp’s Love Affair with Wine

It’s no secret Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp loves wine, but he’s one of the most enthusiastic people when it comes to fermented grape juice. He really goes the extra mile.

Let’s talk about Johnny Depp’s love affair with wine — from his favourite wines to his wine investments. When you’re into wine and have no money to spare, magic happens.

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A Long Wine Story

Johnny Depp has been enthusiastic about wine for a long time now. In 2006, while Pirate Jack Sparrow was looking for Davy Jones’ heart, Mr Depp revealed his favourite wines in an interview.

The lengthy list included Château Calon-Ségur, Pétrus, Château Cheval-Blanc and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Of course, these are not only memorable wines but some of the most expensive on the planet! At that time, Johnny spent six months in France every year.

A year later, in 2007, Mr Depp bought his then-girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, a vineyard in Provence near their famous villa Plan de la Tour. Johnny was just getting started.

The $30K Scandal

A few years ago, in 2018, Johnny Depp revealed he was spending far more than $30,000 on wine every month! This is not only astonishing but also tough for the liver. That’s a $1,000 bottle of wine every day.

Of course, Mr Depp is not known for saving his money; he’ll spend it on anything he finds amusing, from vintage guitars to Caribbean islands. However, his love for wine is definitely one of his most delicious hobbies. Johnny Depp’s most ambitious wine project is his estate in Provence, so let’s get to know it.

Le Plan de la Tour

Le Plan de la Tour is Johnny Depp’s estate in France, seventeen miles from Saint-Tropez; the estate has 37 hectares and a 19th-century villa, olive groves, oak trees and vineyards.

The house is also home to Depp’s art collection, which he has been building for years, and the fully equipped kitchen serves a few tables in the estate’s own bistro. And yes, the main house has a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed wine cellar.

Although there are grapevines on the property, they don’t seem to be used to produce wine on a commercial scale. Mr Depp offered his French villa on sale a few years ago, but it’s still unclear if he still owns the property.

Wine Brings Joy

There’s no doubt wine brings joy to many people and much more to those who can afford some of the most exclusive bottles in the world. Movie stars, artists and professional athletes tend to gravitate towards wine as their pockets grow deeper, don’t you agree?

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