How To Pair Yarra Valley Wine with Food During Christmas and the Holidays

The Christmas and holiday season is here, and that means awesome parties, they just keep coming one after another. It also means getting together with friends and family and delightful, hearty food.

Where there’s good company and good food, you know you need to have wine, and what better than treating your guests and yourself with wine from the Yarra Valley? The region is one of the most prominent in Australia and has received worldwide acclaim. It turns out, wine coming from the Yarra Valley is super compatible with the Christmas and the holiday spirit. Here’s how you can pair it with the season’s food.

Yarra Valley’s White Wine Are Celebratory

Grape growers farm all types of grapes in the Yarra Valley, but they excel with their creamy and unctuous Chardonnays.

The queen of white grapes is incredibly festive, as it delivers a generous bouquet of golden apples, butter, vanilla and baking spices; who doesn’t love that? Besides, Chardys are fantastic pairings with white meat — always well represented at Christmas and holiday dinner parties.

Think roast chicken, ham and turkey, in other words, the season’s classics.  Fish and seafood are also a popular Christmas holiday alternative, and it’s delicious with Chardonnay, especially if cooked with butter.

Yarra Valley’s Red Wines Are Just Gorgeous

Although you’ll find wines made with almost every existing grape, no one can argue the Yarra Valley’s Pinot Noir is the region’s most prestigious varietal. Pinot here is elegant and silky, light-footed and beautifully fragrant.  Cherries, undergrowth and vanilla come together for an exquisite bouquet.

As you know, our Christmas holiday season is also BBQ season, sunny days that are just perfect for relaxing.  Pinot can match steaks and ribs with ease. Served slightly chilled, it’s the ideal summer drink. It’s easy to see why the grape has such a large fanbase.

End with Bubbles!

The chilly weather in the Yarra Valley makes it ideal for growing grapes for sparkling wine production.  Yarra Valley producers are championing this stuff, its    delicious, vibrant, fruity and mineral, all together with its finest streams of pearly bubbles.

Sparkling wine is compatible with seasonal desserts like pavlova, Christmas cakes and puddings, trifles with custard and even Christmas gingerbread cookies, especially if the wine has some sweetness to it.  ‘So, lets toast and thank your guests for spending Christmas with you’, enjoy.



Don’t Forget The Most Important Thing!

Remember, wine and food pairings are important, but more important is making sure your guests are happy its the secret behind every great host.  You cannot go wrong with sharing Yarra Valleys wines, beers, ciders, gin and gourmet food, there is so much to choose especially during the Christmas holiday season break.

On behalf of Chauffeur Drive, Yarra Valley private winery tours, we hope your holidays are filled with love, family and happiness.  Happy Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year!


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