Gifting Wine Choosing the Right Wine for Someone Else

Wine is a wonderful gift and gifting wine is a lovely way of showing your loved ones how much you care.

After all, the Christmas season, but also weddings, birthdays and professional achievements are all great opportunities to gift a bottle of wine. The problem is, with so much wine in the market, how to choose the right wine for someone else?

As leaders in the Melbourne private tour market, Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley have been taking wine lovers on private winery tours to the Yarra Valley for years, and we’ve picked up some hints about what people really want. Here’s all you need to know about gifting wine.

What Types Of Wine Are The Better Gifts?

Wine comes in all colors, flavors and sizes, meaning there are literally thousands of alternatives. Still, we can focus on some categories particularly well suited for a gift.

Iconic Wines

The most acclaimed bottles of wine are true collectors’ pieces. Wines that offer immense pleasure to whoever has the chance to enjoy them. You’ll recognize these easily. They’re often highly prized and score over 95 points, and although it’s easy to see why these are awesome gifts for the most memorable occasions, they’re not your only alternative.

Hidden Gems

Come visit the Yarra Valley on your private Yarra Valley winery tour with us and explore the hidden gems, you may pick up a Tempranillo, a flowery Viognier, or an Aussie stickie. These are all awesome gifts offering something a little different, but there are more hidden gems to discover let us show you where they are.

Safe Bets

If you’re not sure an obscure varietal is right for someone, perhaps less experienced in wine, then go for the safe bets — meaning sparkling wine. No one says no to a bottle of fizz. In fact, these sturdy bottles already have a celebratory feel to them. With a nice ribbon or in a fancy gift bag, sparkling wines will surely over-deliver. Add to your gift a pair of thin flute glasses, and you’ve got yourself a thoughtful gift.

Something Personal

The wine styles you like are not what others like. As a general rule, you should think of the other person’s preferences before choosing a wine bottle. There’s nothing wrong with gifting your personal favorites as long as you add a thoughtful explanation of why you like that particular label and what you eat with it. This is a splendid way of gifting a little of yourself to a significant other.

Give the Gift of Wine!

Wine is a gorgeous gift, but so is everything related to the discovery of wine.  A gift voucher for a private winery tour, a set of wine glasses, a fancy corkscrew or a crystal decanter, they’re all wonderful gifts. Keep in mind you’re not just buying something; you’re sharing your passion for wine, and that’s pretty special.


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