Funky Beer Bottle Openers

Beer is already tons of fun, especially with the thriving craft beer scene we’re living in. This is the golden age for fine beer, and there’s one for everyone! Of course, beer is all about getting together with friends and having a great time. Well, here’s where fun beer bottle openers come in! Here are some of our favourite funky beer bottle openers — these will surely make you smile!

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Funky wall-mounted beer bottle openers

Here’s a fun and functional way to always have your beer opener on tap, why not wall-mount them, it’s easy to see why there are so many to choose from! After all, once you mount these beauties on the wall, you’ll never misplace them. Wall-mounted bottle openers can have crazy designs as well. Some look like a vintage vinyl record

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and if you’re a sports fan, well we have you covered here too, check out the ski boards. these are superb for game rooms and man caves.

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Let’s talk back yard wall-mounted bottle openers theses are rustic and look better mounted somewhere in the backyard, perfect for that get together BBQ or catch up with mates, you can even have them personalized for Dad or someone special

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How about bottle openers made from horseshoes, everything is possible for wall mounted bottle openers, let your imagination go crazy!

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Bottle openers with fun shapes

Nothing is what it seems when it comes to bottle openers. You can literally find one with any shape imaginable. If you’re a dog lover, there is an opener for you

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Bottle openers inspired in sports are popular as well, think about owning your very own PGA Licensed balls plucked from the water at TPC Sawgrass Golf Tournament, for the golf lovers in your life, what a show stopper

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Hockey pucks, these fun gadgets help you share your passion for your favourite sports and teams. What else do you need?

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