Ferrari Wine, Learn All About This Speedy Wine

Ferrari Wine

Ferrari wine is the official sparkling wine for Formula 1, and that’s a big deal. Let’s learn all about it! The 2022 Formula One Australian Grand Prix is around the corner. Practice rounds will start on April 7, with the big race scheduled for April 10. 

The 5.279-kilometre circuit in Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the most exciting in the automotive season. Of course, many people from around the globe will visit Melbourne to see the race, but they’ll also have time to appreciate Victoria’s finest — its Yarra Valley vineyards. 

If you’re looking for winery stays in Yarra Valley and wine tours in Melbourne, look no further. We have the best private wine tours in Melbourne to Yarra Valley. We promise you’ll be back in time for the big race! 

Ferrari, the Wine, Not the Cars 

The Ferrari name might be known worldwide for the Italian supercar manufacturer in Modena. Enzo Ferrari founded the racing and luxury car company in 1939. Still, there’s more than one eminent Ferrari brand in Italy.  

In fact, Ferrari Trento, a leading producer of Champagne-method sparkling wine in the northern Trentino region, predates the car manufacturer. Giulio Ferrari began crafting extraordinary fizz in 1902. 

Ferrari Trento has always been an affordable but equally impressive alternative to French Champagne, a wine famously served (and sprayed) on the Formula 1 podium. Well, the winery, now run by a third generation, has made its move and became the official sparkling wine supplier of the Formula One. 

Why is Ferrari Trento Special? 

Unlike the most popular Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco, made with the more modern Charmat method, Ferrari makes wine in the style of Champagne. 

This means the grapes are picked, fermented to dryness and bottled with an extra pinch of residual sugar and yeast. The yeast turns the sugar into alcohol, producing the CO2 that becomes the wine’s bubbles. The bottles can spend between two and fifteen years in Ferrari’s cellars before hitting the market, making the wine layered, sophisticated and utterly exciting! Ferrari Trento is so significant it got its own appellation, Trento DOC.  Only Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier with Pinot blanc are used and they must be grown within the province of Trento. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Ferrari Trento related to the Ferrari Racing Team?  

No, these are different companies founded by two men with Ferrari as a last name. Both companies are Italian, and both are equally prestigious. 

What’s the role of Ferrari Trento in Formula One? 

You’ll surely see the brand in every major event during the Grand Prix, and the winners will celebrate on the podium, each with a Jeroboam bottle of Ferrari Trento Brut — each bottle holds three litres or four bottles of wine. 

Is Ferrari Trento Champagne? 

No, only sparkling wine made in the French region of Champagne can be called Champagne. The wines from Trento DOC are made with the same method used in the French wine region. 

Is Ferrari Trento a Prosecco? 

Prosecco and Trento are two different sparkling wine appellations in Northern Italy. Producers make Prosecco with the Italian or Charmat method, while Trento is made with the French or Champagne method – known as (Méthode Traditionelle). 

What Does Ferrari Trento Taste Like? 

Expect tart apple and pear aromas along with hints of brioche, butter, white flowers, baker’s yeast and oak spices. The wine’s acidity is refreshing, and it’s dry but round on the palate.  

Are there Australian alternatives for Sparkling Wine? 

Yes. In fact, taking a private wine tour experience with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley is an excellent opportunity to get to know the country’s finest sparkling wines.  

We offer private wine tour experiences in Melbourne, along with winery stays in the Yarra Valley. If you’re here for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, check its famous Yarra Valley vineyards.   

We invite you to experience new and exciting sparkling bubbles on taste here in the Yarra Valley and learn more about the same method used to make Ferrari Trento sparkling wine, that is known as (Méthode Traditionelle). 

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