Easy Rusty Nail Cocktail Classic Recipe

Easy Rusty Nail Cocktail Classic Recipe

Classic cocktails are in vogue. Of course, there are hundreds of options at bars everywhere; we’re living in a golden era for mixed drinks! One of the unsung heroes is a cocktail known as the Rusty Nail. One of a few cocktails that is experiencing a comeback. Why? Because the Rusty Nail is simple and slick and the very definition of sophistication.

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What is a Rusty Nail?

A Rusty Nail is a unique cocktail that calls for only two exceptional ingredients, Scotch whiskey and Drambuie. To make this cocktail correctly, the proportions must be just right — 45ml of Scotch and 25ml of Drambuie, or roughly 1oz of Drambuie for every 1.5oz of whisky.

Scotch whiskey is not the most used spirit in the cocktail world, but it produces beautiful results. The malty richness in the whisky is enjoyable on its own, but it shines when mixed with the lesser-known Drambuie.

What is Drambuie? We’re talking about a golden sweet liqueur based on Scotch whiskey, sweetened and aromatised with heather honey, herbs and spices. It has over a century of history, and it’s one of the most famous liqueurs in Scotland.

How to Make a Rusty Nail?

To make this honeyed cocktail, you need Scotch. For cocktails, the best whisky is blended Scotch, which is not all that expensive, but it’s still complex and flavourful. Of course, you can splurge and use a single malt, but these are best enjoyed on their own.

You’ll also need Drambuie, which is not your average liqueur; it packs a punch with 40% alcohol by volume. Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with fresh ice and swirl to combine. Garnishing with a lemon peel is customary, as the garnish adds volatile aromatics to every sip.

How to Pair A Rusty Nail With Food

Cocktails are more food compatible than you think. And some are more food-friendly than others. The Rusty Nail is fantastic with food if you choose your meal correctly.

For starters, what does a Rusty Nail taste like? Think of sweetened whisky with honey, malt, grain and white fruit aromas. You also get a full-bodied sipper that lingers long on the back palate.

To pair a Rusty Nail with food, look for nutty and creamy desserts, especially if blessed by honey or the sweet scent of authentic vanilla. Custards, apple pies, pecan pies and baklava are excellent examples.

Who’s Up for a Drink?

The Rusty Nail will undoubtedly become your new favourite cocktail, and it will make you fall back in love with Scotch.

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