Celebrate Global Drink Wine Day in the Yarra Valley

Any reason to share a bottle of wine with friends and family is more than welcome. Well, the most compelling reason in February is Global Drink Wine Day, observed every 18th of February. Perhaps one of the most exciting holidays for wine lovers, Global Wine Day is the perfect opportunity to plan a Private Yarra valley wine tours  getaway, the Yarra Valley is the ideal destination.

Take a Long Weekend Yarra Valley from Melbourne, one of our fantastic Yarra Valley private winery tours. From activities for groups of friends to Yarra Valley wine yours for 2. Here’s what you need to know about touring the wine country on Global Drink Wine Day.

The Origin of Global Drink Wine Day

Global Drink Wine Day is fairly recent; it was inspired by the United States National Drink Wine Day. Apparently, wine lover Todd McCalla created National Drink Wine Day in 2011 to “spread the love and health benefits of wine.” In 2016, Australian wine enthusiast and blogger Casey Bryan created Global Drink Wine Day with the same purpose. The holiday became an international phenomenon.

Shouldn’t wine be celebrated globally? Of course, it should, and you can observe this delicious day too, ideally by taking one of our private winery tours to Yarra Valley — an extraordinary excursion from Melbourne.

How to Celebrate Global Drink Wine Day?

There are many ways of making Global Drink Wine Day memorable. For starters, call some friends over for a bite and a glass of wine — wine is best enjoyed surrounded by those close to you.

And if you want to take things further, plan a day trip or a weekend adventure and visit wine country. People make wine in over 70 countries in hundreds of regions worldwide; there might be one close to you. If you live in Victoria, Yarra Valley should be your first choice! What to expect from a few days in the vineyards?

What to Do When Visiting the Wine Country

These are the best things about visiting a wine region:

  • Meeting the enthusiastic people behind your most cherished wines.
  • Tasting your favorite wines where they’re made!
  • Discovering new wine styles and grapes you would probably never know about.
  • Enjoying the fresh air and the green scenery surrounded by vineyards.
  • Sharing the experience with friends and family or your significant other.
  • Learn about the beautiful world of grape growing and winemaking, including the characteristics of different wines and how to pair them with food.
  • Taking a break from your bustling life in the city.

Happy Global Drink Wine Day

Whether you’re looking for cruise ship excursions the next time you’re in Melbourne or are simply looking for something to do with your significant other, Valentine’s Day Yarra Valley has just got competition — Global Drink Wine Day can be just as memorable, if not more — why? Because there’s wine involved, of course!

Spend our favorite day of February with us surrounded by grapevines and barrels. We have a Couples Long Weekend Yarra Valley for you.

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