Build a Charcuterie Board Like a Pro

Here’s is a fun, stand out charcuterie board design taking its cues from a ‘wheel of cheese’.  This unique design starts as a wedge, and transforms into a tiered server for all your favourite cheeses, charcuterie meats and appetizers.  Includes stainless-steel cheese knives.  Why not pick one up for your next Yarra Valley romantic getaway, perfect for couples, family and friends over for wine or your next dinner party.  Another one to add to the Christmas wish list.

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Let’s get started.

1. Gourmet meat selections

The star of the show on any charcuterie board is the selection of gourmet meats.   Air-cured ham, sausages and pâté, prosciutto, truffle salami the list goes on. Visit your local butcher or gourmet store and choose a few gourmet meat selections.

You may want to include sardines, smoked salmon, and other seafood specialties. From smoked mussels to baby eels, there are endless possibilities here, and they’re all delightful. Choose your favorite, four to five items are more than enough to keep things exciting!

2. Cheese Plays a Role As Well!

Charcuterie boards might be all about, well, charcuterie, but cured meats and hams are not complete without cheese.

When selecting cheese you might want to talk to your local cheesemonger. And just like we did with the gourmet meat selections, choose different types of cheese, soft & hard L’Artisan cheeses, semi-hard cheese and a well-aged cheese are a must.

If you’re not intimidated by funky cheese, go for blue cheese or washed-rind cheese. These types of cheese take a little getting used to but everyone loves them in the end.

3. Don’t Forget the Bread

With a nice selection of cured meats and cheese, you only need a few distinct types of bread to summon the ‘holy trinity’ of charcuterie boards: meat, cheese and bread.

It’s time to talk to your favorite baker. You want a few loaves of white bread and others a bit grainier. Variety is the name of the game, so try to have something for everyone. Sourdough, rye or multi-grain, French baguette, choose a couple of different loaves of bread and serve them with your charcuterie board.

4. Details Matter

The smaller details matter most, and for charcuterie boards, that means nuts, olives, preserves, jams and dried fruit. Here you can pay attention to color. Fresh herbs and fresh fruit will bring life to the charcuterie board.

What’s the secret behind the perfect charcuterie board? balance. A little of everything and everything in moderation. Balance colors, textures and flavors intuitively, and you’ll end with a masterpiece that will surely get the conversation going.

Let’s Put Together a Charcuterie Board

Now that you know how to build a charcuterie board like a pro, it’s time to call some friends over, pop open a few bottles of wine and have a great time enjoying a classic wine and food pairing.

Charcuterie boards are the best way to enjoy fine wine. After all, cured meats, hams, sausages, terrines and pâtés have forever been the ultimate quick snack to serve with a bottle of wine.

Let us spoil you at Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley and visit the most sought-after food and wine destinations, a must visit to build an incredible Charcuterie spread.

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