Book Our Chauffer Services for Yarra Valley Birthday Winery Tours From Melbourne

Birthday winery tours Melbourne

We here at Chauffeur Drive offer to drive you around to holiday spots in and around Melbourne city. There is plenty to see in the state of Victoria and if you are driven around to these spots in a royal manner by our experienced, polite chauffeurs, the feeling is unmatched. It is on special days that you would love to book a drive and one is at liberty to go through our birthday winery tours Melbourne. Our chauffeurs will take you on a drive to the Yarra Valley and it is one of the most beautiful places in the state of Victoria.

About the Yarra Valley

This valley is a region surrounded by the Yarra River and it is very much within the state of Victoria. The name of the valley derives from references to the upper regions surrounding the river. It is a popular tourist area and one can plan a day trip if you are feeling suffocated from the hustle, bustle of Melbourne city life. It is less than an hour drive North East of Melbourne city.  It offers natural beauty, agricultural produce and we would also like to say that it is home to a thriving wine-growing industry.

What to see here?

We do something more than just offer chauffeur services to and from this valley. You would love to set out sightseeing around the valley and here we are with a guide.

  • One could visit the vineyards for sure and this is the oldest such region in the state of Victoria. The first production took place way back in the year 1838 and today the wine produced here enjoys a global reputation. As you visit the Vineyards, we will lead you to French-style cellar doors and it should be a wonderful experience.
  • You can also book a hot air balloon ride and this should allow you to see the vines from up in the sky. It is a one-hour flight and you are sure to enjoy some fantastic views of the valley from up there.
  • There is also the scope to see plenty of artwork on a visit to the Tarrawarra Museum of art. This is the first privately funded public museum in Australia and it offers scope to see work from the mid 20th century.

There is plenty to do here and finally, you can unwind at a local day spa. Our chauffeur will guide you on the best option in this regard. You can plan a day visit to the valley and we will drive you and also play the role of a guide.

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