The Best Tonics in Australia and the drinks that go with them

Everyone loves a good G&T. The Gin and Tonic is refreshing, thirst-quenching, and it’s always in fashion, but not all gin and tonics are created equal.

The apparently straightforward 2-ingredient recipe has thousands of combinations. Just look at the number of gins in the market and then there’s the ever-growing category of fine tonics!

At Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley a leading Melbourne tour company taking wine and drink lovers on private winery tours to the Yarra Valley, we know a good drink when we see it. So here are the best tonics and some pretty cool gins that go with them.

1. Capi

This super trendy Australian tonic, founded in 2011, is flavoured with the best quality natural quinine, this gives the tonic water its pleasing bitterness. The right amount of lemon, lime and orange essential oils provide this water with a refreshing feel that’s hard to beat. Capi also offers a low sugar tonic water and a dry version as well — all three are memorable and have a very artisan feel.

Vodka Pairing: Alchemy, Classic Citrus Vodka served with Capi, garnished with lime.

2. Fentimans

This is one of the oldest tonic brands in the market. Fentimans, produced in the UK since 1906, has lots of fans down under, and it’s easy to see why. These guys source the finest botanicals and aromatics for their ‘botanical brewing’ tonic style, and with a wide range, they guarantee there’s something for everyone. Fentimans Indian Tonic is a fan fave.

Gin Pairing: Four Pillars Gin, Olive Leaf Gin – earthy, herbal, savoury.

3. Strangelove

Strangelove’s Tonic No.8, an Indian tonic water flavoured with premium cinchona extract and citrus peels, really packs a punch. The Australian brand specialises in low-cal sodas and premium mixers, and their tonic is hands down one of the most popular in the market for its versatility and subtle flavours.

This one is relatively dry too! Strangelove’s light tonic, coastal tonic and dirty tonic are well worth checking out.

Gin Pairing:Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, – Mediterranean citrus, spicy with native lemon myrtle.

4. Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree is one of the big players, their tonic has a worldwide presence. Today we’re featuring Fever-Tree’s Premium Indian Tonic Water because it’s quite something. It’s flavoured with Congo’s ‘Fever Tree’ quinine bark and it’s based on spring water.

Mexican Bitter Orange oils add a zippy personality to the tonic for a clean profile that lets any gin shine through.

Gin Pairing: Alchemy Distillers, Chamomile Gin – flowers, vanilla, delicate.

What’s your favourite combination?

Let us know which are your favourite pairing combinations and why? If you want to know more, take a Private Yarra Valley Hard Liquor and Beer Tour, one of the most complete experiences you don’t want to miss.  Visit the Yarra Valley region’s distilleries, We’re talking gin and tonics for days! Cheers!


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