Best Homemade Beer Snacks, more than just nuts from Yarra Valley Private Winery tours

Boneless chicken wings

Staying at home is not that bad, especially if you have a few cold ones in hand. Visiting to Yarra Valley Private Winery tours is fantastic. Where there’s beer, there should always be a proper snack, and homemade beer snacks are hard to beat.

Whether you’re a local wine lover or your looking for a tour while in Melbourne, we feel, a perfect accompaniment to a cold beer is a homemade beer snack, here are a few suggestions, some you may never have thought of.

  1. Quesadillas


This homey Mexican snack is delicious with light lager beers, and they’re so easy to make you just need a few minutes to prepare a second batch.

It all starts with a pack of tortillas; you won’t have a hard time finding those. Then choose your favourite cheese. Fill your tortillas with the cheese and grill them until golden and crisp. Cut your quesadillas in two-bite sizes and serve them with spicy salsa and enticing guacamole.

These cheesy snacks are perfect for get-togethers and sunny evenings, just like beer.

  1. Boneless chicken wings

Boneless chicken wings

What’s better than saucy, spicy and messy chicken wings with beer? Boneless chicken wings, because you can enjoy them with one hand while you carry your cold beer around with the other one.

Fry them, grill them, it’s hard to get boneless wrong, and the result is always juicy chicken that’s hard to beat.

Amber beers, red ales and full-bodied lagers are gorgeous with chicken wings, and they’re crowd-pleasers, another excellent reason for having a whole bunch of these around.

  1. Patatas Bravas

Close your eyes and suddenly, you’re in Spain or going for Excursion Melbourne, listening to rattling guitars and watching flamenco dancers lifting everyone’s spirits. Make your own tapas and pair them with your favorite beer – just like in Spain!

Patatas bravas are fiery potatoes. They’re satisfying, fun and easy to snack on. Dice your potatoes and sauté them with olive oil, paprika, minced garlic and onion. They’re ready in minutes, and they guarantee a good time.

Perfect with blond ales and wheat beers. Patatas bravas are a fun way of bringing something different to the table.

  1. Edamame


When you think of beer snacks, we’re sure veggies never cross your mind, but Japanese edamame, steamed or stir-fried tender soybean pods are delicious with light lagers.

Sprinkle your edamame with salt and dip them in soy sauce for a decadent Asian-inspired beer snack your friends and family won’t forget.

While you’re at it, get a pack of Asian beer for an immersive experience, there’s always something new to learn, right?

  1. Buttery truffled popcorn

This one is for when you’re in a rush and need a quick beer snack for (very welcomed) unexpected guests or going for an excursion Melbourne.

Popcorn is an excellent beer snack, and it doesn’t have to be dull or boring. Add melted butter and a few drops of truffle oil and make your popcorn a world-class snack. Decadent popcorn you won’t be able to stop eating.

This one is fine for Belgian-style beer, wheat beer and blond ales.

We bet you hadn’t thought about these!

We hope you enjoyed our out-of-the-box selection of beer snacks; they’re sourced from all over the world to help you create an extraordinary experience around beer and pleasant company. Let us know if you try any, we’d love to see how that goes!

If you’re more about wine rather than beer, let us take you in a private winery tour to the Yarra Valley and if your cruise docks in Melbourne, we’ve got great alternatives for cruise ship excursions too.

Whether you toast with beer or wine, at Chauffeur Drive Melbourne Private Tours, we hope you have a great time celebrating with family, friends and loved ones!

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