Australian’s Win at the Diageo World Class

DiageoWorldClass Yarra Valley

Australia might be known for its fine wine, but its cocktail scene is also world class. In fact, craft cocktail bars thrive in any major city in Australia, and they produce the most exciting offerings, often with Australia’s own distilled spirits.

Congratulations to Evan Stroeve from Sydney, Australia who won last year’s  title of Australian World Class Bartender for 2021.

This year, the most prestigious bartending competition in the world will take place in Sydney, Diageo World Class, and the country is prepared for the festivity. Which lucky bartenders will earn a spot in this year’s finals?

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What is Diageo World Class?

World Class is a program by Diageo, one of the leading alcoholic beverage companies globally, a worldwide event that supports, trains and encourages hundreds of thousands of bartenders in over sixty countries worldwide.  And Sydney is hosting the event this year, a huge testament to the quality of the Australian bar industry, don’t you think?, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, we are waiting to see incredible cocktail creations.

World Class is a competition but also a learning opportunity and experience. This year, Sydney will host the big event — an entire week dedicated to craft cocktails, creativity and innovation, ending with the competition to identify the best bartenders in Australia., so watch this space!

Are you up for the challenge, or will you show up to support your favorite bartenders? Either way, you’re in for some exceptional talent, who are skillfully training to create fine drinking experiences as well.

Diageo recently announced the top 100 Australian bartenders who will compete to become a World Class Champion and a spot in the global competition.

The bartenders are expected to feature the company’s famous brands, including Johnnie Walker, The Singleton and Talisker. This year’s topic? The Italian Aperitivo hour and the Deli Culture, meaning refreshing libations to enjoy with tasty finger food and other light food.

The competition is the highlight of a full-blown cocktail festival that will celebrate Australia’s cocktail culture. The finals will take place in July 2022, and the entire world is waiting to meet Australia’s best bartender!

World Class is Finally Here!

The Australian Diageo World Class was programmed for 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it to the summer of 2022. Although this was disappointing, it gave the country’s bartenders more time to prepare, and now the bar is higher than ever. The spectators and judges expect nothing but greatness from every competitor!

Still, due to certain mobility restrictions caused by the global virus, both physical and virtual finalists will be allowed to participate, a modality never before explored by the international competition. That’s yet another reason to look forward to this prestigious event!

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