All About Champagne Telmont & Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood celebrities always find their way into the fine wine market one way or another. After all, wine is the ultimate luxury treat and one that pairs very well with the most lavish lifestyles. Leonardo DiCaprio is the last superstar to dip their toes into the wine market, and he did it with style.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Wine

Earlier this year, Oscar award winner Leonardo DiCaprio announced he invested in Champagne house Telmont. The new shareholder found the brand’s philosophy compatible with his environmental efforts, but we’ll discuss that later.

Leo is now a significant shareholder in an otherwise lesser-known Champagne house, joining the ranks as the most recent superstar to get into wine. Other members in this exclusive club include Jay-Z and Brad Pitt. The question is, why Telmont? Let’s learn a bit more about this Champagne house. There’s a reason why DiCaprio chose the estate over all others.

Champagne Telmont, Explained

Champagne house Telmont is a small estate in Champagne. Telmont focuses on quality with sustainability in mind, which caught DiCaprio’s attention.

Telmont aims to produce the first certified organic Champagne. Today, only 4% of Champagne’s vineyards are certified organic. Telmont uses no chemical pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides, makes the wine in a sun-powered winery and uses recycled glass for its bottles.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly Champagne is the future, and the small estates, will capitalise on the trend. It’s easy to see why Leonardo DiCaprio found this ambitious estate a noteworthy investment.

Telmont and a few other sustainable Champagne houses will continue to grow. While doing so, they’ll help reduce the region’s environmental impact, preserving the prestigious terroir for generations to come.

Of course, the Champagne house’s effort is only possible thanks to its partnership with environmentally conscious grape growers, and wine lovers can also play a role. Why choose the same-old not-so-sustainable Champagne brands over environmentally friendly alternatives?

The next time you pick up a bottle of fizz, think about the planet; think of Leo. This is not only a smart move by the movie star, but also a noble one.

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