The 6 Best Things to have on a Charcuterie Board

There’s nothing more comforting than a conversation over a bottle of Yarra Valleys wine and a charcuterie board.

Picture arriving at your boutique Yarra Valley Overnight Stay with that special someone, to find a gorgeous display of savoury goodies in a custom charcuterie board. That’s special right there.

Well, you can replicate the experience at home for your loved ones. Putting together the perfect charcuterie born is not that hard if you know what you’re doing.

To get you started, we’ve put together a list with the 6 best things to have on a charcuterie board; we hope you love them as much as we do!

  1. Cured meats, a crowd-pleasing starting point.

This might sound obvious, but a good selection of cured meats forms the base of the perfect charcuterie board. Quality matters, so it’s time to visit your local smallgoods business.

Think of short eye bacon, naturally cured and smoked using beechwood, or a gorgeously marbled sliced smoked wagyu beef.

Paper-thin prosciutto, a popular dry-cured ham, is a lovely selection too, and salami soppressata is fatty and rich. You can contrast it with a few slices of lean—smoked turkey.

  • Cured meats, whether it’s beef, pork or turkey, are always crowd-pleasers and will dress your charcuterie board nicely.
  1. Terrines and Pâtés, your board’s soft side. 

Everyone will love cured meats, but terrines and pâtés will really swoon your guests. They add a smooth texture to charcuterie boards, a soft, silky side.

Terrines are loaf-shaped ground meat, vegetables or eggs in a ménage of flavour and texture seasoned with herbs and spices. The jelly-like terrines can be beautifully layered too. No terrine is the same, but they share a savoury, delectable quality.

Pâtés of course are smoother and spreadable; they can be an intricate mix of ingredients or a simple liver mousse.

  • Terrines and pâtés will add texture and a luxurious feel to your charcuterie board, satisfying your guests.
  1. Olives; can’t miss olives as good as these.

Yarra Valley is also known for its fine olives, — smoked, meaty, flavourful and tender.

Kalamata, green manzanilla or Ligurian, there are dozens of olive varieties grown right here in your own back yard. Natural, stuffed with peppers or blue cheese, or marinated, they’re all gorgeous.

Choose and pick, they bring a nice tang to counter the unctuous fatty and salty flavours in the board.

  • Olives, when they’re as good as the Yarra Valleys olives, they have a place of honour in every charcuterie board.
  1. Cheese, your charcuterie board’s supporting actor.

I know what you’re thinking, we’re talking charcuterie boards, not cheese boards, but for those cheese lovers, no one will say no to a selection of diced artisan cheese.

Cheese and cured meats are a match made in heaven; they are made to be enjoyed together. Of course, we don’t want to steal all your meat selection’s spotlight, so choose from a selection of flavourful artisan cheeses from the Yarra Valley.  A crumbly, soft smooth texture will instantly elevate your charcuterie board and your palette.

  • Cheese is no stranger to charcuterie boards and can be a gorgeous complement to balance the sausages, hams, pâtés and terrines.
  1. Artisan Bread, an essential.

Choose from two types of breads, or Organic sourdough, fruit loaves, crusted baguettes, rye loaves and whole grain. The sky’s the limit! Especially with the thriving artisan bakery scene that’s been taking the Yarra Valley by storm for the last few years. Remember to slice your bread last minute for the freshest experience.

  1. Something sweet

Add something sweet to your charcuterie board for a well-rounded experience everyone will love. Think of a sour cherry preserve, quince paste, fun marmalades, Yarra Valley honey or fresh and dried fruits.

Sweet bites keep the conversation going and complete any charcuterie board.  It’s those sweet and savoury bites together, as you wash over your palettes with Yarra Valley wines, nothing can beat that!

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