5 Things That Make You a Foodie

Food·ie, /ˈfo͞odē/ a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

What makes ‘foodies’ different from the rest of us? I mean, food is important for all of us, we all eat several times a day, but for foodies, food takes another meaning.

What might be just breakfast for an average person is a memorable moment in a foodie’s routine.

We see it every day. Actually, we’re pretty sure we’re foodies ourselves. The way foodies experience our private winery tours to Yarra Valley is like children in a playground.

Here are 5 things that make you a foodie.

  1. Your Social Media Feed Looks Like a Restaurant Menu

We all use some sort of social network, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok, and as you know, we all see different things in our feeds depending on our interests.

Well, you know you’re a foodie when one out of three posts are a bowl of ramen, a cheeseburger or a bottle of wine.

Whether we like it or not, our social media feeds reflect our personalities, and if yours looks like a restaurant menu, then you’re a foodie.

  1. You’re Willing To Pay More And Travel Further For A Good Meal

Foodies are not necessarily snobs; a real foodie appreciates both the high-browed small plates served in fine-dining establishments and the most common street food snack.

Quality matters, though. A meat pie might be just that, but a foodie is always willing to travel a bit further and pay a few more bucks for the best meat pie in town.

Food doesn’t have to be fancy to appeal to foodies, but it better be good.

  1. Foodies Know Food is Not Only Food

For a foodie, food is never just food. Every dish and every meal is an experience, and Instagrammable moment and one more food item to cross out its bucket list.

Foodies care about the ingredients and their provenance; they are interested in how the food is made and the people behind it. Every dish has a story, and foodies love these kinds of stories.

  1. Food Is Never an Afterthought

Foodies know what they’ll eat, where they’ll eat it, and how they want it.

There’s no such thing as ‘let’s just go grab a bite,’ foodies plan their days and their holidays around food. Foodies are all about food experiences, like visiting the vineyards, chatting with the local butcher, or trying a new recipe at home.

No meal is just a meal; food is never an afterthought.

  1. Foodies Love Wine 

Food and wine are two sides of the same coin; you can’t have one without the other. Sure, not all meals go with wine, and sometimes a craft beer will do the trick, but foodies are well aware of the pairing possibilities of their food — always.

More often than not, it’s foodies who embark on the quest for wine knowledge. They’re interested in different grapes and styles, regions and producers.

Are You a Foodie?

Of course you are! We know because you’re reading this, and only foodies want to see if they’re doing it right.

Talking about foodie experiences, don’t forget to reach out and book a Private Winery Tour to Yarra Valley. We offer unique Melbourne private tours to satisfy your every craving.

Enjoy a Wine and Cheese tasting in Melbourne, and experience wine from grape to bottle. We specialize in taking foodies to their natural habitat and, oh boy, they’re like kids in a candy store.

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