5 Reasons Why We Love Chocolate

Chocolate is up there with our favourite treats on earth. How is it that a small, tropical seed can become such a decadent treat? Chocolate is all about pleasure, and in the right hands, it’s pure magic.

At Chauffeur Drive Melbourne, Yarra Valley we offer private tours that include sampling luxurious milk and dark chocolate, and exotic flavours such as the dark chocolate with cinnamon autumn leaves, so much to choose from 150 varieties, try tasting them all.  Enjoy tasting and bringing home plenty of decadent treats for yourself, friends or family on our Yarra Valley private tour.

  1. Delicious Since Ancient Times

Cacao beans are native from Mexico and Central America, and centuries-old cultures, like the Aztecs, knew that they had something special in hand.

These civilizations didn’t have milk, which arrived with cattle in the Spanish conqueror’s ships, but they made mean cocoa with boiling water.  Cacao beans were so prized, they were used as currency. In 1575, with ten cacao beans, you could buy a rabbit.

  1. Scientifically Pleasing

We love chocolate, not only because it’s tasty, but because it releases dopamine in our bodies, that’s the happy hormone that makes you feel good and relaxed. Cacao beans also have caffeine, which adds up to the hype. Cacao beans have less caffeine than coffee, but more than what you find in tea.

When combining the above with sugar, it’s no surprise chocolate is a pick-me-up snack and a mood-booster.

  1. Chocolate is A Reward

Whether you know it or not, your brain is programmed to see chocolates as treats or rewards. We give them away during celebrations; we share them on Valentine’s Day, and we treat our well-behaved kids with them too.

For our brains, chocolate equals celebration. We show our love to our friends and family with chocolate, and we reward ourselves, doesn’t everyone deserve a sweet treat?

  1. Chocolate is Healthy Too

Cacao beans are a fantastic source of antioxidants that can protect our bodies and bloodstreams. This means a healthy circulatory system and heart.

  1. Chocolate is Exciting!

Chocolate makers are creative, which means chocolate is not only tasty but also pretty. This makes us love chocolate treats even more. Like truffles and bonbons, some chocolates are tiny pieces of art, and they are as fun to eat as they are to look at artistically.

We love pretty and chocolate makes it.

Want to Know More?

Chocolate is well represented in the Yarra Valley, especially with the famous Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. Let us take you on a private tour to Yarra Valley and enjoy a chocolate tasting or a chocolate workshop. The Yarra Valley has a lot more to offer than just wine for all age groups and visitors.


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