5 best Wine Geek Accessories You Must Have

Everyone who’s ever been bitten by the wine bug knows wine is always much more than wine. It’s the stemware, the accessories, and all those things that make wine fun, more enjoyable – the wine universe altogether.

Because enjoying wine is also building a collection of wine artifacts, we’d love to share with you the wine geek accessories you must have. We’ve put together this list according to the guests we take on our Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley private winery tours to visit the beautiful Yarra Valley. Have you tried them yet?

1. Drop stoppers

Drop stoppers can be quite varied, but they all serve the same purpose, stopping drops of inky wine from staining your tablecloth or ruining a perfectly nice label.

Some drop stoppers are rings that fit the bottle’s neck. They catch even the sneakiest of wine drops. Others, which are quite fashionable, are thin, metallic or plastic disks that you roll and place in the bottle’s mouth. Being so thin, they literally cut the pour, preventing any drop from slipping down, very impressive right!

2. Coravin

The geekiest and single most useful wine accessory in the market is the Coravin. This sophisticated appliance uses a surgical needle to pierce through a cork stopper, accessing the liquid within. Aided by the pressure of a small pressurized argon capsule, wine pours out the Coravin spout allowing you to pour a glass or two without opening the bottle. How cool is that?

3. Decanters

A proper wine decanter is one of the most beautiful items in every wine lover’s set. Decanters come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional vase shape to others that are coiled, these make an elegant statement on any dinner table, and a great talking point too!

Decanters serve two purposes; the first one is to separate an aged red wine from the solids that precipitate to the bottle’s bottom. The other is to aerate the wine, increasing its aromatic intensity by ‘waking it up.’  The wine is elevated to another level, try it and you will see for yourself.

4. Aerators

Although a good decanter will aerate wine nicely, sometimes you need something smaller and more practical, and that’s where an aerator comes in handy.

Aerators are also quite varied, but most of them rely on pouring the wine through a small glass vessel to expose it to oxygen. It’s incredible how stirring wine a little can change its overall taste profile — it tastes and smells even better!

5. The Waiter’s Friend

Who would have thought a good old two-step corkscrew would make the list? With so many high-browed corkscrews out there, including electric appliances and whatnot. The simplicity and efficiency of a waiter’s friend are undeniable.

Wine amateurs and professional sommeliers alike swear by the straightforward accessory and won’t trade it for anything. A bond is created between the wine lover and its corkscrew.

This is This Year’s List, What Did We Miss?

Do you have any other wine geek accessories to add to the list? Come with us for a private winery tour to the Yarra Valley with Chauffeur Drive, Melbourne, Yarra Valley, and tell us all about it!


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