4 Must-Do Activities For Couples When On A Yarra Valley Getaway

Yarra Valley Couples Getaway

Yarra Valley, located in the north-east of Melbourne, has become a world-class quick gateway destination. The luxuries and views the place offers have made it the dream couple’s destination in no time. Yarra Valley is identified as one of the world’s premium wine-growing regions. The region has over 80 cellar doors, sensational restaurants, luxurious accommodations and so on. The view of the rolling valleys and the luscious greens of Yarra Valley adds to its glory. The restaurants serve global standard food and serve the refreshing produce of the region. But the wineries in Yarra Valley are worth the visit.

A weekend getaway in Yarra Valley is only complete with a trip to the wineries. Exploring the wineries and tasting their age-old traditional method wine is a must. There are even Private Wine tours for Couples, crafting a personalised tour for every couple. The region is famous because of the cool climate and the best produce of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and sparkling wine. Apart from this, notable art museums, hot air balloon rides, manicured gardens, skydiving, craft beer and premium spas, Yarra Valley has it all. The region is just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, following winding roads with an exceptional view. All this makes Yarra Valley a must-visit couples’ getaway destination.

Let us explore the top things to do for couples when in Yarra Valley.

4 Things To Do For Couples When In Yarra Valley

  • Go for a relaxing spa massage: In Yarra Valley, you will find private tours offering exciting activities, especially for couples. Spa massage is one of such activities. The couples get to experience the best spa with a view of the natural rainforest. It is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. The spa tour also offers an outstanding chance to explore some of the finest food, wine and champagne of the region.
  • Explore the overnight stays: When on a Yarra Valley Overnight Getaway, the couples can explore the enchanting scenario manicured to perfection. The freshness of the air and rich valley represent some of the region’s spectacular views, complementing the overnight stays. You can enjoy the serene quietness with your partner while spending the night in the gorgeous accommodations facilitated with 3-course meals and the region’s fine wine-tasting tour.
  • Indulge in a quick cocktail tour: Yarra Valley brings some of the best cocktail venues. Perfect for a couples activity, you will get to taste a variety of cocktails across the popular venues. Apart from cocktails, the tour also involves a 2-course lunch in the sensational restaurants of the region.
  • Taste the best of wine and cheese: Wine production is what makes Yarra Valley popular. Indulging in an intimate wine-tasting tour is a must for couples. Taste the best of wine from the award-winning wineries of the region, then explore the valley cheese-tasting venues. The tour brings 3-course meals, cheese tasting and access to the private areas of the vineyards.

Thus, these are some of the to-do activities for couples in Yarra Valley. Following these, the couples can indulge in the perfect retreat to the tranquil scenes of the Yarra Valley region.

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