2010 Yering Station Yarra Valley Shiraz Viognier

Continuing our series of ‘wines to try’ and adding value to our popular Yarra Valley Private Winery Tours, with Chauffeur Drive Melbourne, Yarra Valley, we’d love to tell you all about a fantastic wine.

If you think you know Shiraz, think again. The red grape is particularly good at reflecting its sense of place. There’s nothing more exciting than one that tastes just like the Yarra Valley, the 2010 Yering Station Yarra Valley Shiraz Viognier.

This label recently got 96 points by the critics, and that’s saying something. The near-perfect wine is balanced and complex, a real beauty you should get to know better.

Here’s what you wanted to know about the historical winery and its rare Shiraz-Viognier blend.

Yering Station, the Voice of the Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is Australia’s premier cool climate wine region. Here, the family-owned winery tends the vines that give life to illustrious Pinot and lovely Chardonnay, but they’re no strangers to the country’s flagship varietal Shiraz.

As posted by the owners, the Rathborne family, ‘Our approach in our vineyards is based on respect, integrity and knowledge. These value pillars are the foundation of our viticulture philosophy.’ Well, they do just that, and very well; you can taste it in the wine. Here, technology meets tradition, and the result is a collection of fantastic wine.

Red and White Grapes Combined

Blending sturdy Shiraz grapes with the aromatic and flowery white wine Viognier is nothing new. The two grapes are commonly grown together, and they have been blending partners since forever in their ancestral home, the Rhône Valley, France.

The Yarra Valley has the perfect conditions to produce both extraordinarily fruit-forward Shiraz and delicate Viognier. It’s easy to see why the 2010 Yering Station Shiraz Viognier is such a charmer.

Ripe red berries hit the nose with hints of dark chocolate. The palate is caressed by the roundest of tannins elevated by Viognier’s acidity for a very rewarding mid-palate. The aftertaste, a recollection of the wine’s aromas and flavours appears to last forever, but then you take another sip. What a wine!

How to Pair The 2010 Yering Station Yarra Valley Shiraz Viognier with Food?

Incredibly generous, this structured red wine will do wonders when paired with red meat, hearty beef stews, meat pies, thick broths and casseroles. Beef stir-fries of Asian inspiration will shine along with this deep-hued wine, too.

It’s incredible how just a kiss of Viognier, less than 5% in the blend, can give versatility to the black fruit-scented Shiraz, opening a world of culinary opportunities.

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You’ll learn something new from the winemakers, walking the vineyards is a life-changing experience, so don’t miss out on it!


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