2010 Yering Station Yarra Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

As part of our efforts to share our passion for wine, we want to do more than offering cruise ship excursions and Yarra Valley Private Winery tours, our main excursion Melbourne-based. We want to share with you our most recent discoveries. Here’s the first one!

There are dozens of unique grape varieties planted in the verdant Australian vineyards. After the mighty Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most grown. It’s obvious, though, that the ‘king of red grapes’ delivers age-worthy, deliciously layered, pleasing wines.

You might know the Yarra Valley for its attractive sparkling wines, its silken Pinot and rich Chardonnay, but the bottle that’s swooning every one of their feet is a Cab.

The 2010 Yering Station Yarra Valley Cabernet Sauvignon scored stunning 96 points. This dark beauty might just be the finest Cabernet in Victoria. Here’s all you need to know about it.

The Legendary Winery, An Authentic Pioneer

Yering Station is home to the Yarra Valley’s first vineyards, planted in 1838. It was also the first vineyard in Victoria. The historical estate, founded by the Scottish Ryrie brothers, was purchased by the Swiss-Italian immigrant, Paul de Castella in 1850, and the entrepreneur knew a thing or two about wine. He brought the finest vine cuttings from Europe, some from the prestigious Chateau Lafite.

Today, it’s the Rathborne family who preserves the estate’s heritage, not only safeguarding the winery’s past but propelling it into the future. And that’s quite a successful future, indeed.

Is This the Vintage of The Decade?

The Yarra Valley saw during the 2010 growing season the prefect conditions to grow red grapes to perfection. Overall warmth with above-average temperatures between November and March allowed producers to harvest grapes of astounding quality. Even Cabernet shined, which needs quite some warmth to reach its full potential.

The 2010 Yering Station Yarra Valley Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the winery’s style. Bold, yet elegant, structured and age-worthy but approachable, ripe fruit and sweet oak. All in every sip of ruby-hued wine.

Expect forest berries, tobacco leaves and undergrowth with fluttering aromas of sweet oak spices, cinnamon and vanilla over a dry, concentrated palate with thick, coating tannins that extend long into a decadently sweet finish. What’s not to love?

How to pair the 2010 Yering Station Cabernet Sauvignon with Food?

This big, bold Cab pairs nicely with equally adventurous food, basically everything kissed by smoke and fire. Smoked brisket, sticky ribs, a rack of lamb and hearty sausages, they all marry with the fruit-forward flavours in the wine.

Mature, aged cheese is a suitable partner, too, and so are grilled veggies and earthy mushroom dishes. You can enjoy this acclaimed Cabernet for at least ten more years, making it a wonderful addition to any wine collection. The best part? You need not be a wine collector to enjoy this beauty, so grab a bottle while it lasts!

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